CamSessions — Price Lowered, for now.


Life has been kinda nutty in my world. The sweltering southern summer seems to have cooked everyone’s brains. I am having some sort of cathartic purging of belongings. I am getting rid of lots of sexy clothing, shoes, toys, books and all this random stuff my inner hoarder seems to have gathered. I’m selling things that you can sniff and things that you might want to taste too. Call me and I can arrange for a baggie of smelly socks or a used latex dress to show up at your house, covered in my sweat. yum!


In niteflirt land — some wanker called my cam line this morning seemingly only to give me one star and try to knock my rating. This is always frustrating but I am hoping you can help fix this by calling my cam line and giving me five stars. You will be my short-term person savior!

I lowered my cam rate before I started typing this. Hopefully you can afford to call me and tribute me. Maybe you got a raise or won the lottery recently. ohhh goodie! Maybe you can buy my things, cam with me, tribute me, take me shopping for new things, pay my bills, upgrade my equipment, and … pay my overdue library fines. Gawd, that would be super.

Right then, it is Monday morning and I am going through all the sexy things I want to send to you. When I am done with this I am going to move on to the decade of untouched video footage. Any chance you have a dusty old miniDV dock? Lie to me, call me and tell me you have antiquated technology even though your car parks itself.
I am in a silly mood. Call me and I’ll show you what panties I’m wearing. Maybe I will put on costumes and we can play dress up games. As long as you call I won’t spend the whole day alone playing with my tits.

Push the call button



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