Boston, NYC, and Maybe Philly or Providence

TRAVELING: March 30th and 31st, Boston. (1 April, Philly? Boston? NYC? Providence?) 2 April, Completely Booked. 3 April, NYC.

I know I have a lot of fans who want to see me while I am in the northeast. My trip will be fast and spontaneous. At least this time I’m not going to the airport without notice. I’m happy to say that I will only be able to see clients and fans who book time with me in advance. I will require a deposit to confirm your appointment with me.

I am looking forward to playing with some folks I haven’t seen in a while. Maybe you. If you want to be one of the lucky few who are granted an audience with me the very best way to communicate with me is through niteflirt. Call me, pay me, talk me into putting you on my schedule.

Life has been hectic and confusing. I’m in the mood to be entertained on this trip. Don’t disappoint me. Call now and schedule our sexy time.

4 thoughts on “Boston, NYC, and Maybe Philly or Providence

  1. holding contest i would be interested in having a contest to see who can hold more when you are in boston on march 30 or 31 in the evening. Your 800 number has a long extension of 9870653: is that correct? I’d have to find out how to make a deposit. do you use paypal?

  2. Was recently at a truck stop and secretly saw a woman peeing into a bottle behind a dumpster. I saw her cap it and put it in the dumpster, waited until she was gone and retrieved it without her knowing I had seen her. Took it into my truck, poured it into a dish and while looking at your picture of you on a toilet I then soaked my balls in it and got so turned on I had my most intense climax in years! Can’t wait to meet you in person and pay you to use my cock and balls as your toilet!

  3. You are wonderful Mistress! I’m sure you already know that. The next time you are in San Diego can we discuss next steps?

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