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Language and Laws

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Things and Stuff

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Greetings Patient Readers,

I have woefully neglected my blog.  I have moved seven times in the last ten months. I was working hard on a massive writing project the first few months of the year, then my housing situation spiraled out of control and I had to put my computer in storage. I turned niteflirt on recently and got several calls from folks asking what the hell I had been doing, where I had been, astonished that after the better part of a year with no updates I would just turn on my phone line.  Things have been strange.

I’m trying to edit three books, I’m about to start camming on streammate next week, I’m in new orleans and finally have a nice little house near the river.  My love life is an ever complicate mess that will likely implode again sometime next month. I am actively not drinking, that is to say it was time for me to dry out for a while.

A cat adopted me. I was riding my bicycle and got stuck in a thunder storm.  A sweet little kitten approached me at the connivence store and rode home on my handlebars. Now I have a pet.

Bourbon street is a rare event for me currently.  It’s the middle of the summer and I have not been into the quarter at all this month, but I will be going in on saturday.  email me if you want to know where.

Crime in new orleans is out of control. At least two, possibly three, dancers have been found dismembered. People are shooting up the french quarter every week.  Cab driver shot someone last week, there was a shooting in broad daylight in front of the police station, a separate daytime shooting with an AK-47. I don’t fear for my safety but I am acutely aware that this not a safe city.  If I wanted safe I would live in new york.

I have been gardening, reading, doing yoga by the river, having picnics, and poking at my writing. I feel bad about having neglected this blog for so long. I assume I will tell ya’ll some stories about my life now.

See Me Wednesday Night: The Language of Lust

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I’m teaching a workshop on dirty talkin’

The Language of Lust: Dirty Words, Smutty Storytelling

Wednesday 8 July


Sidney’s Saloon
1200 St Bernard Ave
New Orleans LA 70116



Come develop new skills to master the art of talking dirty! Don’t fumble with what to say, giggle with insecurity, or mutter something about sluts, whores, and big cocks. Whispering in your lover’s ear, saying just the right thing, at just the right time, creates heightened sexual excitement. Some words make your lover weak in the knees yet other words make them cringe. Having a well developed smutty vocabulary and the ability to use it for sexual excitation is the focus of this workshop. Learn what to say when you are in the throes of passion, and how to say it. Bring your taboo fantasies and your linguistic sense of adventure.