Road Side Piss Stops!

I am coming to New England — I expect I will be there October 22nd – 25th, then I’m driving towards NOLA. I am offering road side piss stops for the first time in a while. I have not been on the road in quite some time so now is the time to meet me at the fuel station. I expect I’ll stop at a strip club or two through I don’t know which ones yet. If you are somewhere on the way between Boston and New Orleans and you would like to persuade me to pass through your little town send me an email with some information about why I should. Are you a good toilet boy? Do you have titty bar I simply must dance in? Do you crave my roadside lemonade? Now is your chance to meet me and have a drink!

I want to be back in New Orleans before Halloween. Don’t wait, email me now.

Also, if you know how to fix 1970s Cadillacs mention this and tell me where you are — I might take a route based solely on the existence of fans / submissives who can fix my lovely old car should she break down.

Send your contact information

2 thoughts on “Road Side Piss Stops!

  1. hi – we have talked before. i am in boston area. probably time for you to use me. this email or 781-248-5961 are good contacts. a bar or roadside is good. james

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