I’m in NYC — for a few days — NOW

This is a brief update . I am in NYC for a few days. I had foot surgery and can not walk. I want to enjoy NYC but without the ability to walk this seems increasingly difficult. I need a bitch to feed me grapes in the park, to wash my laundry, to make themselves available as a piss pot. I can’t be bothered to walk to the latrine.

I am almost never in NYC. Make yourself useful and show me a good time.

It goes without saying that forking over money is a good way to show me that you are serious and not a time wasting wanker.

Call me on niteflirt and we can set up an appointment.

3 thoughts on “I’m in NYC — for a few days — NOW

  1. We are delivering a load that picks up in Georgia tomorrow morning and delivers in Taunton Massachusetts on Sunday morning so we might be able to meet up even if only very briefly. Where in NYC? If you are near a truck stop we could meet up there or I could catch a cab or bus to a park if there is one nearby. What do you have in mind as far as feeding you grapes (by hand, giving them to you, etc.)? I would be honored to be your pisspot (getting hard just thinking about it!) Message me here with some more info, as I said it’s not definite yet but will let you know one way or the other.

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