North, To Alaska!

Since I was a very small child I have had a fascination with the last frontier. I went once, just as I was hooking up with the person who I have spent the last ten years in a strange and complicated relationship with. I went to ‘find myself’ I spent a week and saw some beautiful things, then I came home content to have at least gone to see.

But this trip is different. I am heading to alaska for work. I will be there doing some academic things and some sexy things.

If you are in Alaska and want to see me, my plans (which are subject to change) look a little like this:

Anchorage 25 September – 1 October — I am planning on hitting the Crazy Horse Saloon as soon as I get to town, so stopping in and looking for me is a good way to say hi. But things might not work out there (as shit at titty bars often goes south fast) so I might head to a different one.

I imagine all will be fine at the Crazy Horse so come find me and bring money.

I am available for sessions in Alaska — Public humiliation and golden showers are my favorite but I am meeting up with another dominatrix shortly after my arrival — she offers hypnosis sessions (something I used to specialize in) so if you want a dual domme hypno session now is the time to communicate with me.

After the first of October we will either be heading to Good Time Charlie’s (I hear this place is a freak show worth the trip) or moving on to Fairbanks where I will be dancing at Reflections until the 10th or 11th of October.

I’m hoping that Fairbanks is awesome and that I want to return soon.

So come out and play with me in Alaska — who knows if I will ever make it up there again. Maybe if you come impress me I won’t ever leave …

To schedule a session email me at or call 619.884.2376 (if you want to chat call me on niteflirt).

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