DejaVu on Bourbon ~~ Tonight!

I’m n New Orleans. I went to Bourbon street on Tuesday after being seriously jerked around and stood up for a session. I stopped at Ricks only to be turned away at the door without even a look at my nakedness. I thought about heading to all the places I really wanted to work, but I just went to DejaVu and figured they would let me work. They did. I was exhausted. I had not slept the night before. I am out of money and I had no more time to waste. Of course, New Orleans is a very hard place to work as a dancer. The stages are made of granite and are murder on the knees. I’m neither tweeker thin nor tattooed, so I have that working against me here as well.

At the end of my night I had done one solitary lap dance and way too many stage sets. I was completely fucking exhausted. I came back to my luxury digs and took a fucking nap. I was nursing a migraine and decided that I would sleep until the sunshine went away. I didn’t even bother to count my pathetic stack of singles.

Everyone tells me how much they love my body. How the curves are the thing. I have not had sex in a year. I have not had sex on the regular in a number of years.

I’m beginning to think that the demise of my personal sexual bliss has a lot to fucking do with the fact that I have mixed business with pleasure for so very long.

I have danced two shifts while I have been here and am so broke that I have to tell my mother I’m a stripper. I know she knows. She has know about my involvement in the industry for some time, but tomorrow I’m gonna lay it on the line and come out. I imagine I will get drunk and cry.

I could use a little love from my fans and admirers right now. If you are in New Orleans, come in and say hello. I’ll be at DejaVu from about 10PM tonight until they close at 4AM. Then I’m going to enjoy myself. Hopefully I won’t have to dance another shift at this club before I split.

I am happy that my little post graduate nervous breakdown has landed me in NOLA for a time. TONIGHT IS THE TIME TO SEE ME. The rest of my trip is not likely going to involve much work. COME SEE ME ON BOURBON STREET TONIGHT.

At some point I will be in the window with a tacky neon pants suit and a gaudy blond wig. Bring Me Money!

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