Road Trip To NOLA

I’m packing and driving to NOLA right now. I decided to drive. I need a good road trip. Going through DC, then through Tennessee and Alabama.

I am available for road side piss stops.

My plans so far:

Grotton CT (10 PM or so) — I’ll stop at the Gold club and if they let me stay and dance I will be there till they close at 5 am.

Washington DC four or five hours after I leave the gold club. I will update twitter.

I am only stopping in DC for a few hours.

Looks like it takes about four hours to get to Roanoke VA. I’m planning on stopping at the strip club in this town. There is only one. If they let me stay and dance I will be there Sunday night.

I’ll update on twitter when I leave Roanoke VA

Knoxville, TN four hours or so later.

depending on the strip club in Roanoke I may or may not dance in Knoxville.


Birmingham Alabama

New Orleans sometime Tuesday night.


Gawd fuck hell I hope my car makes it, that I can dance in these strange towns, and that you are thirsty and want a road side piss stop!

I need a road trip, so I’m gonna finish up here and head out.

Text me to schedule road side piss stops. Be sure to tell me what major area you are in. If I am close I will call you right away. If I am a ways out still I will text you back or ring you at my earliest opportunity. My mobil number is 619.884.2376

Follow me on Twitter for the adventure.

I’ll turn niteflirt on as I am able.

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