Traveling Now

I’m heading to Hartford CT to dance at Kahoots tonight, the 19th of April.  If All goes well I might stay there all weekend.  If it’s a bust I’ll head to the clubs further south in CT that are open till 5 AM.  If that is a bust I MIGHT drive to DC to see some friends and dance in a club that resembles a Chinese restaurant, the golden palace?  not sure of its name.  you can find it.  I’ll update here is I’m heading to DC.  It is not very likely but I really want to go.  

Tuesday night I will be in NOLA.  I need a ride from the airport.  Please only personal FRIENDS offer this ride.  If you are a customer, a client, a fan, I’m gonna just take a cab.  I don’t get in cars with strange men.  

i will be in NOLA through the first of May, if I’m having a really nice time I could extend my trip through the 8th.  


So, come see me and have some fun at Kahoots tonight.  


I’m in a very strange mood.  

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