My Road Trip To NOLA ~~ Thus Far.

I split and drove. I just felt the burning need to run away from home. The road calls me like I am some sort of wandering vagabond. I have tried but I can’t shake it. I stopped in some middle of nowhere Virginia town and danced in their titty bar. Everyone was very friendly, there … Continue reading My Road Trip To NOLA ~~ Thus Far.

Road Trip To NOLA

I'm packing and driving to NOLA right now. I decided to drive. I need a good road trip. Going through DC, then through Tennessee and Alabama. I am available for road side piss stops. My plans so far: Grotton CT (10 PM or so) -- I'll stop at the Gold club and if they let … Continue reading Road Trip To NOLA

Cadillac Lounge — I’m Out!

No More Cadillac Lounge Last week when I went to the cadillac lounge I was asked to sign a form saying that prostitution would not be tolerated, that anyone caught engaging in such activities would be fired immediately. I asked the housemum if this was going to be enforced. She shrugged and told me that … Continue reading Cadillac Lounge — I’m Out!

Someone To Kick In The Balls

Shortly after I tweeted that I wanted to kick someone in the balls all night, mr sore nuts came skipping into the building. I’m sure he had a time of finding of me. Luckily he knew to ask for The Dancer Friday, because otherwise he never would have found me in the packed club. There … Continue reading Someone To Kick In The Balls