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Just a Quick Update

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I’m in San Diego.

When I’m in New England I get a lot of people on my phone and in my inbox suggesting that they want to play when I am in SoCal. Well I am here bitches!

I have limited time to play in San Diego through the 3rd of April. I am ONLY OFFERING PUBLIC PLAY IN SAN DIEGO.

I’m making a trip to Palm Springs March 25-28th. I’ll update when I get there and let you know more. I should have some time to offer semi-public sessions.

I will be available in Los Angeles on April 1st and/or 2nd.

New England April 5th – 22nd

New Orleans April 23-25th

Las Vegas July 14th-19th

Be excited about public play. You know I am!

An update: Draft Sent, California Dates, New England Dates, Call Me On NF

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I have no idea how many more chances I am going to have to update this blog before I’m in motion. My time is tight, so here are the facts:

I got my draft sent into my committee! I am very fucking proud of myself. It took forever and a lot of ignoring other things. I’m trying to have a final copy in to publishing in a few weeks, so I am not going to have a lot of time to post updates here. Just so you know. I’m crazy busy finishing school, but I want to have some fun. Also, I need money. I need quite a bit of moolah to deal with the politics of finishing school. If you have never had to complete the process of finishing grad school you have no idea just how expensive it is. In addition to all the fees and stuff they tell you about, you have to maintain your life while you are forever doing research and writing. It gets really costly really fast.

I would like to see a little more perversion in my life in the coming days and weeks. Like I said time is very tight so don’t wait, contact me and make something happen, NOW.

I AM ON NITEFLIRT WHENEVER I AM ABLE TO BE. Call Me and we can plan something really sexy!

If you want to see me in person:

Saturday 2 March I will be dancing at the Cadillac Lounge in Providence RI.

Sunday 3 March I will be dancing at the Cadillac Lounge in Providence RI.

Monday 4 March – Sessions in New England – until I am in CALIFORNIA!

CALIFORNIA DATES ARE SET — I might be there a couple of days, I might be there as long as three weeks. Be patient and serious about playing with me when you contact me about California dates.

Here is the information I have on my expected travel plans:

On 13 March, I will fly to SAN DIEGO. I doubt I will know how long I am going to be there until I get there. I have a ticket out of socal on 3 April. I don’t expect I will stay there that long. I want to be in New England for Easter Weekend. But A Deadline is a deadline and I might get stuck in the land of palm trees and mangos. I’m sure I’ll find a way to cope.

I’m imagine that I will be in SoCal for at least a week. I will be in LA, one or two days. If I am in SoCal more than two weeks, I might make two trips to LA but don’t count on it.

And until I leave New England.

I’m really excited to be finishing school. Please come celebrate with me!

Call me on NiteFlirt — Now!

Also, I acquiesced — Follow Me On Twitter.

Twitter is likely the place I will update more often, so if you are hoping to meet up with me in SoCal, click the follow button.