Lonely at the Lounge

I’m at the lounge and shit is lonely. I have to piss. I’m horny as a teenage boy. Gawd, where are you pervert? You could be here with me having an epic time.

Sadly this is likely my last trip here for a while. This club is dead and I’m gonna wander someplace else.

If I can’t find a dirty sexy place that generates income I’m gonna save my knees from the stripper shoes.

save me from my hell and get your pervy arse in here. We’re open till 1:00

Then I’m either gonna get my freak on or watch porn.

This should not be like selling root canals.

2 thoughts on “Lonely at the Lounge

  1. I’m 51 but I am a teenage boy….especially when I see you…!!

    I just scheduled an evening with you tomorrow night….
    I loved your comment in your blog above and even though I had hoped for a rendevous this evening…I opt’d for more time tomorrow……..I am lonely and horny as well…

    I;ve seen some of you pix….and wow…the curves you have….can’t wait til tomorrow…

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