Scramble to Make Tuition — Cadillac Lounge Tonight

Captain Save A Ho —

Where you at?

I suck at being an adult. I just can’t bring myself to work hard enough. It never seems to get me anywhere I want to be. Stressed out, early grave, no fun, bills paid predictable life. Where is the fun in that?

Oh but I struggle with it. I want to have it together, just a little. I want my loans to come in this very minute so that I don’t have to bust ass and make five thousand dollars for the university before Friday at noon.

Yep, I’m in a bitch of a situation, again. I don’t mean to be a sustenance sex worker but sometimes shit happens, sometimes I’m working and working and I get burnt out so I spend a month in my bathrobe watching bad TV. And why shouldn’t I? Well because I’m gonna get thrown out of school if I don’t have the money. Yeah well there is that. But I was trying to get it all. I was I was working and eating beans and rice and then last week when I was going to give them everything I had they told me they couldn’t take a partial payment and that I need to have all of it.

That is part of the reason I went to SoCal. It was a good time but it wasn’t really a vacation.

I’m trying to gather funds. I’m still about five grand short. I don’t want to be in this situation where I need to scramble to make money to not be tossed out of school. My school work has gone to shit because it is now all about the money.

Oh gawd.

And the things I like to do, sometimes other people want to play with me. Sometimes I have really nice gigs that pay really well, or not at all. I’m always feeling like a person on the edge of good living and the abyss of ‘oh shit.’

So where in the fuck is captain save a ho? I can’t ever catch these bitches because I am way to above this pity hussle game that some girls use. When I am making money I am saving and investing and something always comes along to gobble it fucking up, so I start over and it is thins never ending trap of financial servitude.


So if you have been wanting to see me, serve me, play with me, do something dirty — this week is a great week to make that happen. All the money I make this week goes directly to my education. If you want to donate, or pay it all, that is fine too. I’m game for a trip out of town right now so we can have a sexy adventure and you can pay the rest of my tuition.

Or I’ll just hit the strip clubs and hope I can make that kind of cash. I’m not sure it is possible but I’m not sure it isn’t. I need tuition and I need it now.

Where are my tuition bitches?

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