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Hey Dave

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I know you will see this.  We were just talking on nite flirt.  WTF?

I have time.  Call me back.

Don’t be cheapskate!


Good Slut ~~ 🙂

Writing a Story a Day In November

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This is my birthday present to myself.  All of November will be spent writing.


I sent some random boy (who I have been wanting to have some more hot sex with) my url today.  It happens that sometimes people get involved in my sexy adventure and do not have the slightest clue who I am, and when that happens I don’t usually tell them, at least not right away.


So I send this boy my url and a couple hours later I get a note about a story I wrote that included an adventure I had with him.  Now I know what happened, I remember the adventure really well but, quite frankly, I did not remember writing about it.


I often don’t recall if I have written about something or not.  (Does this make me a prolific writer?  I think it might.) Its noting personal but sometimes I am having so many sexy thing happen one after the next that I don’t have time to write about all of them.  Other times I am writing and writing and simply miss things.


So, this conversation got me thinking about all the things I have not written about, all the things that I want to write about, and all the stories that I’m not sure if I have or have not blogged about.  There is actually a missing year or so in this blog where things were so intense I was really uncomfortable sharing.   Shit is about to come out.  I am about to come out.


I’m writing a story a day in November.  I’ll write it and then put it up.  It might not be perfect, well written, edited perfectly.  But they will be daily.   Many of them will be dirty, not all.


If you and I have had some sexy (or other intense) time and you have not seen it here, and you really want to, send me a note, say hi and remind me who you are and what we did.  I will remember the time we had, though I may not remember you.  Again: nothing personal.  If you say ‘hi its’ mike from Boston’ I might not know who you are, so give more details to me about who you are, especially if I have not seen you very many times or in a number of years.


There is someone in particular I am hoping contacts me.  I’m sure his story will show up here even if I don’t hear from him.  Is it you?  Email me, I would love to walk down memory lane with you.





Widow Appears At Your Party!

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Halloween Update


I am available for dates / overnights / parties / appearances with my hearse Halloween and the weekends around Halloween.


I can stop at your party, be your date for the night (or the whole weekend), pretend we are best friends from high school, crash parties with you all night, be lost in my hearse, etc.


I DO NOT have a casket in the back.  If you want to play in my sexy ride (i.e. go for a hearse ride) we will need to meet in advance.  I do not let just anyone in my lovely car.


I’m open to parties, ideas, interesting adventures.  Send me an email ASAP.  I am in the mood to have some fun this Halloween, are you up to it?


I have costumes and acting talent.  I’m a super sexy woman with a super spooky car.  Don’t miss out!


Serious inquiries only –  rates start at $200 for 15 minute appearance in Providence RI, $500 – $700 for short appearances in other New England areas.  Longer times = better rates.


Contact me, you will have fun!

Widow and Edith

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