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A Happy Ending at the Titty Bar!

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So this has been a strange week at the titty bar.  Because I recently posted an ad on the eros guide I got a lot of interest in my availability.  So, despite my better judgment I agreed to meet two separate people at the titty bar on two separate occasions that I was not planning on being there. 

Now I don’t know how much you know about strip clubs and labor practices, and this really isn’t the time I want to discuss them, but as dancers we are ‘indi contractors’ and we pay to work there.  We pay what is known in the industry as a house fee.  Some clubs offer no / low house fees.  Some clubs charge up to $250 to work a shift.  The CL is not a low house fee club.  Just walking in the door I’m out $120.  So when the dude who scheduled a time to meet me there didn’t show up and reimburse me for my house fee I was a little peeved.  Now if it had been a busy shift I would have tolerated the situation but we agreed to meet rather late at night, it was during the week, and there were a LOT of dancers there.  Also there were very few customers.  So when I realized he was not gonna show up I left, out $120 and several hours of my time.  My makeup looked super too.  Fucking Wanker. 

The next day I schedule an appointment with a sissy.  I thought — I love crossdressers, they are so much fun to play with, easy to get along with, low drama most of the time.  I was actually excited to get there and meet this bitch.

He was late. He was dressed in male mode. Not dressing is fine I guess if you are nervous or something, I was actually expecting him to dress en femme but whatever, we can still have fun.  Only when I pulled my garter out to collect my tribute he flipped out, stuttered, pushed me onto the ground and RAN out of the club. 

I guess he thought that he could come in and bogart my time.  But whatever, I’m there to make money.  While he was there he said some pretty nasty stuff to me telling me that he does not like to hang out with ‘people like me’ and I was like hmmm, what is that supposed to mean?  People like me?  Sexy people? Over educated people? People who cater to your whinny little fantasy?  Oh, you mean women who like to be paid for their time and services.  I see.  He seems to view stripping as a derogatory sort of employment. 

Whatever, I’m over it.  Providence is a strange place.  The whinny little sissy will get what he deserves.  I moved on and made money. I’m just glad I didn’t get hurt when he tossed me on the ground.  That was maybe the most fucked up thing anyone has done to me in a club.  Wow, it is just dawning on me that this client was actually violent. 

And now for something completely different …

But then, I meet a very sweet boy.  We chatted it up, got along, went to a room.  He had the most amazing penis.  It was huge and would not quit.  He fucked me for hours and hours and hours.  I came over and over and over.  When the sun was coming up I pushed him out the door said ‘thanks for the good dicking’ and slept like a baby all day. 

He left his number and I hope I see him again soon. 


Some Rules:

When you come to visit me at the titty bar.  Show up, be polite, be clean, give me money right away, This is not a free show. Don’t be a cheapskate.  It actually costs more for my time in the club than out of the club.  Deal with it. 

The CL is a club where we can really push a lot of limits.  If the idea of playing in public freaks you out, schedule a private session with me.  Don’t be a wanker.

I Got Hung Up

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I made it to the Cadillac Lounge a bit latter that I had anticipated.  I was informed that you came in to see me.  Sorry I missed you.  I got hung up. 

I will be there as early as I can possible muster Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Send me a text before you come in or catch as catch can. 

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope I see you this afternoon. 





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Current Session Availability

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At The Cadillac Lounge
June 25-30

Western Mass
June 30 – July 3

Cape Cod July 4th
Very limited availability.
Schedule in advance

July 9-11
schedule in advance

July 5-8
July 12-30
August 1-13


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On The Mend

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I’m doing a lot better.  I stopped taking all the pills that I was using trying to control my migraines.  The only exception to this is if I am really stiff I will take a motrin.  I stopped eating nuts, soy, all dairy save for plain yogurt, bread, all things processed, and booze.  I stopped drinking.  I am sad and thirsty but I am not suffering from daily migraines.  This is huge.  It is the best I have felt in years. 

Strangely I usually feel best during the summer months.  Considering my sun sensitivity I think this is odd.  It has been this way for several summers now.  Four?  Oh Gawd.  I’m gonna keep up with my new seriously restrictive diet and hope that I continue to feel alright, headache free. 

I’m not all better.  Not my old fun totally outrageous self but I’m not suffering for the moment. 

Stand Up in Hartford

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