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Some Pics To Inspire Employment!

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I’m Back!

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Greetings My Dear Readers,

Sorry I just dropped out like that. Things got really overwhelming really fast. Some crazy shit happened, not all good, not all bad. Now I’m living in NYC.

I have been more than a tiny bit aware that I have not updated this blog in way too long. I was also quite aware of the fact that very few people emailed / called asking if I was alive and well. Almost none of you questioned my disappearance. This saddens me. I suppose that very few of you actually see me as a person. I have been coming to terms with the reality of being a free jerk off site.

I’m still in the strip clubs, I’m sick to tears of people in ‘the real world’ judging my choices. I’m tired of being treated as a liability when I apply for housing. I’m sick of all of the bullshit that life has thrown my way lately.

I am not however all perved out. I’m in NYC. I live in NYC. This is fucking great.

If you are a wanker reading my site, enjoy, that is what it is there for. I’m not really sure what I want to do with this blog, with my life, or with all of the new opportunities that being in the city is providing. I’m at a crossroads.

All of the members of my cohort seem to be using their degrees and working on things that seem to matter to me. Some of them are working on progressive social justice issues and others are pursuing PhDs. I’m rotting, tossing and turning, not able to cope with some of the simple ‘musts’ of life that strike me as fascist bullshit.

I’m rambling to tell you that I’m back on the blog. That I’m in a mood. That I’m in NYC and I brought my shit kicking boots.

I need a place to work and a long term place to live.

I’m available for quick public golden showers. Thirsty?