I’m In Las Vegas through April 18th

I’m in Vegas. I’m holed up in a hotel room on the strip. I’m working on my thesis. I need to finish this bitch but I spent a lot of money getting to vegas, for no apparent reason. Come distract me. I have toys and sexy clothing and I would love to head out for a sexy time in vegas with you. If you are here too, give me a call. I’m in the mood to play (well really I need the money — but we will both have a lot of fun).

Be my public toilet!

call me now

Widow Centauri

3 thoughts on “I’m In Las Vegas through April 18th

  1. I am interested in givng you a rim job when you are unwiped and stinky. I just have this fetish for the stink and taste. Can you accomodate me here in Vegas, as I am here often for business?

  2. You should come back out here to Vegas from June 24th-26th. I would love to meet up with you; plus, EDC is going to be in Vegas that weekend. There will be lots of interesting people, including myself 🙂

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