New Orleans – A Rambling, Drama Filled, Update

In Adventure, dominatrix, drama, traveling, Widow Centauri on February 22, 2011 at 10:32 am

I don’t know when I will have access to the internet again so …

Want to see me? Come to Déjà vu on Bourbon street. I am there most nights and a couple of days. Come early. I will be there on Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00 PM to account for the fact that some people want to catch me. Come in then, if you don’t see me ask for ‘Friday.’ That’s my stripper name.


I am staying with some hippies, filthy scratchy hippies. The place I am in is supposed to be a bed and breakfast but it is nasty filthy. I want to write about the lack of hygiene but I’m going to save that till I’m not chowing on my dinner.

The hippies told me when I booked the room that the three weekend days before Mardi Gras the room was already booked (march 4 – 6). About five hours ago they tell me that the room is booked as of Thursday of this week. I just went to the supermarket, I’m in the middle of a whole mess of adventure and I have to find a new place to live before Thursday at 11:00 AM. Fuck me!

Once I’m out of here I’m going to create a new yelp profile and tell the internet all about the adventure – it really sucks. It is filthy, the people who run this joint are spacey, and the man of the BnB felt me up before I even introduced myself. Unwanted sexual attention sucks ass. This place sucks. I will never stay here again. They made themselves seem so generous before I got her but they have not cleaned my room since before the storm. It is gross, and without notice I have to leave. Notice would have been very helpful, two days when I have to get to the club is an impossibility. I don’t want to end up staying with someone from the club. Employee or patron. I’m really into a little bit of privacy. And darkness, don’t forget the need for darkness.

But I have been trolling cl and wasting time on fb all night. I need to take my newly acquired bike out to get a seat (yes I bought a bike without a seat) and call people about a place to live. I’ll be awake till noon. Ick. I’m toying with the idea of getting my own place here. The rent is super cheap and I could come and go – use nola as a hub for a little while. I kind of hope I can pull that off. I would like a place in the big easy. I love the city and I’m having a lot of fun at the strip club.

I want to be able to say something sexy, something coherent and worth reading, but I’m just kind of a mess. I feel a little bit sick. I’m all wrong right now. The sun will come up, I have to do day things like contact potential landlords / roomies / I have a day to move. I have a bike with no seat.

I have no idea where I am going to go cause these fucking hippies sprang this shit on me at the last minute – told me I could sleep on the porch. I can not sleep on the porch. I can barely sleep in the hippie loft bed even though I bought new sheets for it.

I’m in no shape to move all my shit across town. I need a place and I need a place now. This desperation is going to be a pain in the ass. What the fuck was I thinking coming to nola at the last minute for mardi gras? Oy! Maybe I am a drama queen. Did I come here so I could have this mess of drama but not do it to the whole of my life?

I’m gonna sign off and let you make what you want of this.

Depending on where I end up I might not have a lot of internet access but I will update with smut, adventures, and news as often as I can.
If you are in NOLA and want to see me – come to Déjà vu on Bourbon street. I will be there most nights and a couple of days. I was swamped last week and a regular who came in for me never got to see me – I was upstairs in VIP with some sexy dude form Oklahoma all night. If you really want to make sure to see me, come early. I will be there on Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00 PM to account for the fact that some people want to catch me. Come in then, if you don’t see me ask for ‘Friday.’ That’s my stripper name.

It’s slow during the daytime so I’ll have time to play with you. Wait till night time and you have to pay me more money to amuse me, if you can see me at all. It gets really packed and the club is pretty big.

Come see me, give me all your money, call me if you have a house I can live in.

  1. shy crossdresser,says hello!

  2. Do you still like New Orleans? How does this fit in with your academic work?

  3. Oh, that sucks! I hope you were able to find something better in time! Or even something in time!

    Fucked up side of travel, not knowing what you are going to walk into.

    I would totally come and see you if I was in NOLA.

  4. How did the apartment hunting go? I hope well. We are just getting into the season to really enjoy the French Quarter. We wouldn’t want to lose you.
    Hoping to get an opportunity to visit you at Deja Vu. Good luck to you.

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