Come Play My Dirty Games! — I’m Performing at Mardi Gras II

I’m a dirty bird. I’m an exhibitionist and I love love love to play in public. I’m also a struggling grad student / artist. My life is forever entangled in tiny little financial dramas. Seems like all at once everything that could need to be paid for needs to be paid for NOW. More often than not I find myself in the position of needing a car and a place to live at the same time; my phone bill is way past due and about to be turned off, plus tuition is due and I can’t make any more excuses to the electric company. Arrrg, I hate this!

The last few months I was in San Diego I was sure every day that the power company was going to cut my line. I started noticing an electric company truck in the alley. I saw construction workers out there – I knew it was for me. I had my phone and computer plugged in all the time. I had my eight hour back up battery ready and I kept the perishable foods to a minimum. I expected they would cut me off, for months I strung them along. I got out of there with lights and hot water. I don’t know how, but I did.

I’m always in a pinch financially. I never have enough time or enough money. People tell me I should lower my rates but I can’t. My rates are as low as I can make them. Lowering them brings a slew of creepy boys who are looking for discount domination, lowering my rates makes me have to work a lot harder to earn the same amount of money.

So what is a sexy pervert like me to do?


Yep, I’m stripping folks.

Truth is I started stripping some time ago as a research project. I was dancing and writing about my experiences. I’m still writing about them, as a collective work, for an anthology, so you won’t see much about them here.

I am however opening up my little covert research project to my readers so that if you want to see me but can’t afford my rates. If you want to spend a few minutes looking at my voluptuous ass up close but can’t commit to the experience of meeting me on my time you can now come see me in a strip club near you.

I’m not much for holding a job, even one stripping, so if you are into this idea you should really come see me soon. I’m sure I’ll get shit canned before long. I tend to piss people off. I’m not a fool about it, I know how I like to roll. Don’t sit on your ass jerking off, I’m dancing now. Come see me dance.

The club I’m dancing in has one stage. There are several dancers on the stage at any given time, there are $20 lap dances, and private rooms we can play for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, or longer. I can accept credit cards for my time in the private room with you.

I’m heading to the club tonight. I’ll bring a small bag of kinky toys with me. If you want to have a sexy public scene with a well-known dominatrix, in a strip club, come over and say so. Most high profile dommes don’t do crazy shit like this. I do though so don’t miss your chance.

I’ll have some rope, some spanking toys, cuffs, a blindfold, and a chastity belt with me. I’ll also bring some sexy fetish costumes. Don’t know what I’ll be dancing in yet, something trashy and disposable no doubt.

Public Humiliation sessions are encouraged!

I would say text me if you are on your way but my phone dropped to its death yesterday. I’m scheduled to work at 7:00 PM till close, Tonight and Tomorrow (Friday and Saturday). Then next week Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Just come in.

This is a 21 and up club. I can accept credit cards for my time in the private room with you. Don’t be a dick, come to the club and amuse me. You know you want to.

I’m sure you will recognize me but in the event that you are blind or silly I’m performing as the name Friday. Please keep my identity on the down low. I’m working on a writing project but I’m also making some cash. Don’t come in and holler out “Widow Centauri.” Just come in and be cool. Tell me you saw my post on my blog and I’ll be giddy. I love to meet my readers!

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4 thoughts on “Come Play My Dirty Games! — I’m Performing at Mardi Gras II

  1. Just don’t piss off Jordan, and you ought to do alright in there. I’ll see you Tuesday night if I can’t make it sooner.


  2. Am I the only one of your fans to see you at MG2? There must be more of us in the area.

    It was so much fun to meet you. As I told you, it felt like meeting a celebrity. Kind of weird, though. I was the only one there who knew you were a celebrity. Not like when I saw Paul Newman at the theater. Everyone knew who he was. How come I’m the only one who knew who you were?

    So, people, if WC decides to continue to work at the MG2, come out to see her, to offer your worship (Andrew Jackson, Ben Franklin?). She’s intelligent, interesting to talk to, and will get in your head. She is much prettier in person than in her pictures (Hope she doesn’t find that demeaning). And she has a great ass.

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