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A Pervert Walks into a Bar

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He came into see me, I brought a bag of toys with me, I strolled into this VIP lounge decorated with fake palm trees and cheap sofas. “Sit on the couch” I tell him.

I get out a couple lengths of rope, I hog tie him face down at the foot of the sofa. “There you go pig, that’s for trying to grope me in the lap dance area.”

“Thank you mistress” he mumbles. The dancer across the way gives me a huge smile. I smile back and poke my shoe in this pigs face. “Lick the sole of my nasty strip club shoe” I order him, “I lift the public toilet with the heel, I lift it and then piss then I use the platform to put the seat down. I have been walking all over this nasty club, the shoe is foul. Lick it clean and show the other dancers why you came into this club tonight” I say a little louder. Both dancers, now watching out of the corner of their eyes, giggle a little, careful not to distract to the dudes they are dancing for.

The pig slurps loudly at the giant shoe I’m wearing, being a nasty loud little piggy. “Shut the fuck up down there” I snap at him. I start digging through the toys I have in my bag, not really sure what I grabbed as I dashed out the door on my way to this club.
A single tail whip, a chastity belt, a frilly pair of pink panties. “Perfect” I say to no one as I slide the panties onto his head. He is down there tied face down, slurping on my shoe, panties on his head.

I poke him with my other heel, knowing that nothing really serious can happen in this club. It is just a strip club, after all. I continue looking through my toys. A gag, a leash, a collar, a pair of nipple clamps, a book: Beyond Good and Evil.
Though the light is dim, I crack into it, mid book. “Clean my shoe off so there is nothing on it, make it shine with your tongue” I tell the overweight man in bondage, his name I don’t even know. “We have another half ad hour, don’t disappoint me.” I put my nose in my book and he goes to work with his tongue.

When I look up from my read I see that we have ten minutes left, that the other dancers are leaving, and that my shoe is totally clean. “Good boy” I tell him. “I’m in the mood to have you at my feet all night. Can you handle that?” I ask him. “ummm, uggg, I don’t know mistress” he babbles. I dangle the chastity belt in front of him and he shakes with anticipation. “I’m nervous mistress. I don’t want all the people out there to see me on my knees” he spits out. “Really?” I inquire.

He starts to prattle something about how he works locally and that he is an attorney, blab la bla. I untie him silently. “Get out now” I tell him. He pulls a wad of hundred dollar bills from his wallet, hands them to me, and tells me “I’m sorry I have displeased you mistress. May I come back again next week?”

I look at the wad of cash he just handed me. “Yes, you can come back” I say a little flabbergasted. It’s been a while since I was given a tip that was more than a few dollars.

“Thank you mistress” he says and disappears into the club. I shove the wad into my purse, gather up my toys and head into the dressing room to ditch the bag o’ goodies.

Back to the dark shady world of ye ol strip club.


Come see me at the Mardi Gras 2, before I grow tired of it and move onto something else. My feet already hurt.

Boston / Cambridge Tuesday and Wednesday — NOW

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I’m heading to Boston tonight. I’m booked until about 2:00 AM — send me a text if you want to meet tonight, email me for appointments tomorrow.

Widow Centauri

Playing With Truth

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It is three in the morning. I’m living in a ghetto apartment. My cat took a big shit / piss on my very expensive, comfortable, and given to me bed today. I have been in the sex industry my whole adult life, I have nothing to show for it save for a few good stories, some horribly uncomfortable footwear, and the embarrassment of my biofamily. I’m a hundred grand in debt for an education that only I really appreciate. I’m deep in a rut. I am suffering from imposter complex. I have been for a long time. There is always someone cooler than me. Always. I’m an awesome writer, but I can’t get it through my head to work on the projects that I need to finish. I’m hot, but who gives a shit, I’m a mess. I want to be able to do something that other people can’t do but I just don’t feel like I am very good at anything right now.

I suck.

I like to play with the truth, but then people think they know me, know who I am and what I am about, but they don’t they only know some little thing that I told them, wrote about, told the truth about.

I’m working as a stripper, again after years of not doing that. I have been avoiding working in the sex trade the whole time I have been involved with it. I only work when I need money. If I don’t need money I’m on the outs with this biz. I’m the sort who works a little, then does not answer my phone for a month, then desperately tries to round up some work cause my phone is about to get shut off. I think working is over rated.

I love my craft, but when I find myself looking for other people like me I only find myself becoming desperately frightened of my own disposable nature. You see, the problem is that I really don’t think I am anything special at all. I’m just like everyone else, everyone who worked really hard and has nothing to show for it; everyone who used the sex industry to fund their art, but got taken by an industry that chews up and spits people out. I’m really pretty unrecognizable in a sea of whorish women. It’s not that I have a low self-image or some horse shit like that, I just spent that last couple years in grad school, I feel like a louse.

I’m writing this to warm up my fingers but I don’t know what I’m really going to write, something smutty, something about my exciting life, the life that sucks less than most, but still seems like a cat just shit on my bed to me.

Sorry I Seem Like a Flake ~~

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If you have not heard back from me it is because I have been swamped. I’m working on a couple of pretty big research projects. I have been trying to sleep during the day, I’m up at night though. Calling me after dark is encouraged. Midnight is usually a pretty good time. If I don’t answer then, try 2:30. I really am awake in the middle of the night.

If you need to talk to me during the light of day sending me an email is best. Lately I have been completely swamped. I had some minor technological trouble but all should be well for a while. If you sent me a message and never heard back from me, now is a good time to try again. I’m working to get caught up.

I’ll be in Boston over the weekend with a trip to the cape and possibly Providence too. Contact me to get together, hopefully it won’t be to much of a waiting game.

I really do want to play with you, I’m just wicked busy with my crazy life. Be patient, try again, let’s play!

Come Play My Dirty Games! — I’m Performing at Mardi Gras II

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I’m a dirty bird. I’m an exhibitionist and I love love love to play in public. I’m also a struggling grad student / artist. My life is forever entangled in tiny little financial dramas. Seems like all at once everything that could need to be paid for needs to be paid for NOW. More often than not I find myself in the position of needing a car and a place to live at the same time; my phone bill is way past due and about to be turned off, plus tuition is due and I can’t make any more excuses to the electric company. Arrrg, I hate this!

The last few months I was in San Diego I was sure every day that the power company was going to cut my line. I started noticing an electric company truck in the alley. I saw construction workers out there – I knew it was for me. I had my phone and computer plugged in all the time. I had my eight hour back up battery ready and I kept the perishable foods to a minimum. I expected they would cut me off, for months I strung them along. I got out of there with lights and hot water. I don’t know how, but I did.

I’m always in a pinch financially. I never have enough time or enough money. People tell me I should lower my rates but I can’t. My rates are as low as I can make them. Lowering them brings a slew of creepy boys who are looking for discount domination, lowering my rates makes me have to work a lot harder to earn the same amount of money.

So what is a sexy pervert like me to do?


Yep, I’m stripping folks.

Truth is I started stripping some time ago as a research project. I was dancing and writing about my experiences. I’m still writing about them, as a collective work, for an anthology, so you won’t see much about them here.

I am however opening up my little covert research project to my readers so that if you want to see me but can’t afford my rates. If you want to spend a few minutes looking at my voluptuous ass up close but can’t commit to the experience of meeting me on my time you can now come see me in a strip club near you.

I’m not much for holding a job, even one stripping, so if you are into this idea you should really come see me soon. I’m sure I’ll get shit canned before long. I tend to piss people off. I’m not a fool about it, I know how I like to roll. Don’t sit on your ass jerking off, I’m dancing now. Come see me dance.

The club I’m dancing in has one stage. There are several dancers on the stage at any given time, there are $20 lap dances, and private rooms we can play for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, or longer. I can accept credit cards for my time in the private room with you.

I’m heading to the club tonight. I’ll bring a small bag of kinky toys with me. If you want to have a sexy public scene with a well-known dominatrix, in a strip club, come over and say so. Most high profile dommes don’t do crazy shit like this. I do though so don’t miss your chance.

I’ll have some rope, some spanking toys, cuffs, a blindfold, and a chastity belt with me. I’ll also bring some sexy fetish costumes. Don’t know what I’ll be dancing in yet, something trashy and disposable no doubt.

Public Humiliation sessions are encouraged!

I would say text me if you are on your way but my phone dropped to its death yesterday. I’m scheduled to work at 7:00 PM till close, Tonight and Tomorrow (Friday and Saturday). Then next week Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Just come in.

This is a 21 and up club. I can accept credit cards for my time in the private room with you. Don’t be a dick, come to the club and amuse me. You know you want to.

I’m sure you will recognize me but in the event that you are blind or silly I’m performing as the name Friday. Please keep my identity on the down low. I’m working on a writing project but I’m also making some cash. Don’t come in and holler out “Widow Centauri.” Just come in and be cool. Tell me you saw my post on my blog and I’ll be giddy. I love to meet my readers!

<a href="“>www.mardigras2.com/directions

My Dead Phone

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Dropped my phone.
Getting another asap.
Voice mail full.
Send an email
and I’ll contact you soon.

Public Golden Showers — In Boston Today!

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I’m heading into Boston. I’ll be running around all afternoon / evening. I have this gallon of water with me and it is disappearing fast. I have to pee.

I’ll be driving to western mass tonight after I’m done pissing in Boston.

Be My Roadside Toilet!

Widow Centauri

Call or text for same day apt


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Confirm Your Philadelphia Bookings or I might stay home

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Sitting here listening to RAW, wondering if I should really drive to Philadelphia.

The cards are sort of stacked against me.

My car has been in the shop for weeks. I picked it up and returned it for a wholly different repair only a day later. It is in the shop right now. I am scheduled to pick it up at the end of the day, then I am supposed to drive this car to Philly? Six hours away? Hmmm.

I’m not sure about it. It was great across the country. Now that I am in New England, I need it to make it through the winter. At this rate I’m not sure it will. I’m not sure I will.

I could take the train, maybe. I have never been to Philly and I’m not feeling like hauling all my crap with me everywhere I go. I’m pretty over traveling like a refugee.



I have some work lined up / softly scheduled in Philly. If I drive down there I need people to come through.

I’m wondering if my public piss boys are really there. Secure your commitments by sending me another direct email. If you have emailed me / phoned me / etc. And you can contact me again to confirm, I’ll give getting there a try.

If you are in NYC mentions this. A trip to NYC is in the works.

Direct email: wcinsandyeggo@gmail.com

A Hot Spot for Road Side Piss Stops

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There is a scenic rest stop on a hwy near me. It is notorious for being the gay trucker rest stop. The perfect blow n go pull off. Drive down the road, pull into a rest stop that has nothing scenic, no bathroom, and a dozen parking spaces facing the hwy.
I have been driving past it, eying the truckers, the sedans, the mini-vans, thinking about all the hot road side sex that must be happening. I have been nervous about it too, like I was when I was little and I saw something smutty right out there in the open, everyone knows but no one says anything. A sexy spot, right here in this little town. I have found something I’m excited about.
A few weeks ago I pulled in to see if it was really the hotbed of sexual activity that I was hoping for. I got all panicky and didn’t park in the one open parking spot. I just kept driving, nervous, heart pounding, feeling flustered and all warm between my legs. Wow. I consider myself to be pretty fucking jaded about most things sexual but this, this is my kind of sexy.
I have been thinking about the hot middle America gay roadside sex that happens here for weeks. To nervous to pull in, check it out, confirm or expunge my fantasies. I just drive past it, over and over, day in and day out. It is right on my way to where I need to go. I’m hot for this spot.
Then last night I get a call from some piss boy I used to seen in California. He says he wants to meet me in a parking lot for a drink. My loins warm. Did he just say a parking lot? I” know the perfect one” I told him. “Meet me there in twenty minutes” I said. I threw my shoes on, headed for the door, almost forgot to bring a coat, and bolted to the scenic sex spot. I had a reason to pull over, to get out of the car.
As I pulled off the highway I was dripping wet. I was excited to actually be at this spot, it was nice that I had a thirsty bitch along too but this spot Oh it makes me wet. The cars were flying past us on the hwy. There was a large bread truck parked towards the beginning of the parking area, then the red American thing that my toilet boy was in, another couple cars, a spot. I parked and got out. I was so excited that I dropped my hat. I didn’t notice, I went over to his rental car, pulled him out led him by the hand to the information sign. It was the middle of the night. It was dark. Garbage was overflowing from the cans, there was no map or anything informative on the little sign. There were rubbers on the ground. The bread truck clearly had someone in the drivers seat.
“Get on your knees and open up” I told him. “Yes mistress” he meekly answered. I lifted my skirt and pulled his head to my pussy. “Eat my cunt and make me want to piss in your mouth” I demanded. I wrapped my left leg around his neck and effectively trapped him there. I leaned against the bare info sign, watched the traffic, looked into the eyes of the guy in the bread truck. I stood there enjoying myself for a few minutes and came on his face. After I came I shot a stream of piss into his mouth. Lick me clean I demanded. He licked. While his mouth was open I shot another stream of piss into his mouth, catching him off guard, he choked a little as piss got in his nose. I pulled his face into my crotch so he couldn’t really breathe all that well. I let my gush of piss into his mouth, he gulped it down, lapping like a dog. I had a lot of piss. He licked and swallowed and I came again.
“Lick the piss you missed up from my legs” I told him. He licked my inner thighs and my knee high black lace up boots. When I was satisfied I took another look around, smiled at the guy in the bread truck, patted my toilet boy on the head, told him he was a good boy and headed back to my car. I drove home, jerked off thinking about the sexy road side sex spot, and realized I had dropped my hat in the parking lot. I have a reason to go back in the morning.