New England at Last!

I made it to New England. I am in western Mass for the school year. I’ll make a few trips to socal and several to Boston and NYC but I’m in western mass for the better part of the next nine months. I am visiting Cape Cod this weekend.

As far as sessions go:

I want to play. I always have so much fun playing with east coast perverts. People here mean what they say and rarely chicken out. I’m in the mood for some fun but I am in New England to write, so I need to limit myself rather strictly. I’m going to play through August, if you want to schedule a session now is the time to do it. As of early September I need to cut back on my good time and get to work. I’m toying with the idea of scheduling quick piss stops and overnight sessions exclusively.

Also, I am currently accepting applications for a personal slave.

You need to have experience, newbies will not be considered. The position involves doing laundry and other household chores, running errands, hauling things up and down several flights of stairs, caring for my feet, and amusing me and my girlfriend, Lorelei Erisis (google her). It will help if you like golden showers, ass worship, transsexual pageant queens, and feet.

I don’t usually allow foot worship because my feet are very sensitive. I find that feet are often the most intimate connection I can have with someone. Sadly my feet hate me right now. I may have to have surgery. If you have always wanted to be my foot slave you should apply, I might never offer this again.

I’m looking for a bitch who can do the laundry, take out the trash, rub my feet and not irritate me too much. If you are smart, over-educated, and can make good conversation you get serious consideration. If you are big and can satisfy my girlfriend’s need for manly man sex, even better.

This position requires minimal monthly monetary compensation, a nine month contract, and excellent references.

To apply for this position send me a brief synopsis of why you think you are the right slave for the gig. List your skills, a slave resume is preferred. Be sure to include a head and body shot, non-nude. This position requires a minimum of seven hours a week. More availability is preferred. Be sure to mention the details of your schedule. Include all contact information and links to profiles on fetlife, facebook, etc.

send your requests to put personal slave in the subject line.

I’ll be working on updating my blog in the next week. Wait for the smutty stories, more are on their way!

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