A Quick Piss In Whole Foods

In Adventure, American Dominatrix, bathroom, deviance, dominatrix, fetish, fun, Golden Showers, kink, paying for it, pissing, Public, sexual politics, Widow Centauri on July 10, 2010 at 2:14 am

I met the cute young thing in the whole foods produce section. I put my hand out as we walked to the bathroom, he put the money in it. I opened the men’s room door expecting to find someone in there. It was vacant. We went into the stall. “Take off anything you don’t want to get wet” I told him. He stripped. I climbed up on the toilet, careful to leave my heels and briefcase in the corner of the stall away from where I would be pissing. I lifted my skirt and told him to come have a drink. He lapped at my piss as he stroked his dick. He was cute and young. “I’m gonna come” he said/ “Then come already” I told him. I shot my stream out for him, he lapped at it and came. I put on my shoes, pinched him on the cheek, and strolled out in to the supermarket.

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