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New England at Last!

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I made it to New England. I am in western Mass for the school year. I’ll make a few trips to socal and several to Boston and NYC but I’m in western mass for the better part of the next nine months. I am visiting Cape Cod this weekend.

As far as sessions go:

I want to play. I always have so much fun playing with east coast perverts. People here mean what they say and rarely chicken out. I’m in the mood for some fun but I am in New England to write, so I need to limit myself rather strictly. I’m going to play through August, if you want to schedule a session now is the time to do it. As of early September I need to cut back on my good time and get to work. I’m toying with the idea of scheduling quick piss stops and overnight sessions exclusively.

Also, I am currently accepting applications for a personal slave.

You need to have experience, newbies will not be considered. The position involves doing laundry and other household chores, running errands, hauling things up and down several flights of stairs, caring for my feet, and amusing me and my girlfriend, Lorelei Erisis (google her). It will help if you like golden showers, ass worship, transsexual pageant queens, and feet.

I don’t usually allow foot worship because my feet are very sensitive. I find that feet are often the most intimate connection I can have with someone. Sadly my feet hate me right now. I may have to have surgery. If you have always wanted to be my foot slave you should apply, I might never offer this again.

I’m looking for a bitch who can do the laundry, take out the trash, rub my feet and not irritate me too much. If you are smart, over-educated, and can make good conversation you get serious consideration. If you are big and can satisfy my girlfriend’s need for manly man sex, even better.

This position requires minimal monthly monetary compensation, a nine month contract, and excellent references.

To apply for this position send me a brief synopsis of why you think you are the right slave for the gig. List your skills, a slave resume is preferred. Be sure to include a head and body shot, non-nude. This position requires a minimum of seven hours a week. More availability is preferred. Be sure to mention the details of your schedule. Include all contact information and links to profiles on fetlife, facebook, etc.

send your requests to wcinsandyeggo@gmail.com put personal slave in the subject line.

I’ll be working on updating my blog in the next week. Wait for the smutty stories, more are on their way!


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I’m on my way to Chicago. I’ll be there Wednesday and Thursday. If I’m having fun I’ll stay the weekend. Contact me via email to schedule a session! I can’t wait to do dirty things in the windy city!

Denver / Boulder Here I Come!

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I’m on my way out of Vegas tonight. I hope I have a chance to play while I’m there. Call me and we can get together! I’ll be in Boulder on Sunday and Monday, maybe no longer. Don’t wait, send me a message and then call me Sunday!

Widow Centauri

Sexy Skin

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I love to look at tats on other people. I fantasize about having them on me all the time. I long to tattoo political ideologies and manifestos on my arms. I have had fantasies about having tattoos ever since I was little. About two weeks before I turned 18 I went into a tattoo parlor with my friend Sara, she needed to have the homemade tattoo gun at a drunken party tattoo fixed. I asked them if they would tattoo a strawberry on my hip. I looked just like strawberry shortcake as a teenager. Short red hair and freckles – I was wicked cute – they carded me and said “no ID no tattoo.” I was a little peeved then but by the time I turned 18 I was over it. I don’t want a silly strawberry on my hip.

There is always some sexy idea of a tattoo that I want to have put on me. When I go through an I want a tattoo phase I imagine I have the tattoo for a long time, I imagine what it will look like, how people will react to it, and what I will gain from having it on my body. Truth is I am better equipped to pass in dangerous settings without tattoos. I don’t need anyone knowing what I believe in, where I am from, whom I have loved, or what I thought would look cool one night while I was drunk. I can simply get away with more by having none.

Tattoos have become so ubiquitous in modern culture that I have to wonder how long it is before I stand out like a sore thumb from my stark lack of them. The more prevalent they become the less I think they mean. So many people have tattoos that they claim are meaningful, tribal tattoos, Chinese symbols, and other things that just don’t make any sense to me. I didn’t grow up in a tribal environment, I don’t speak Chinese, I have no interest in pretending that these symbols mean something to me when they are clearly taken from someone else’s heritage and slapped on the small of someone’s back, becoming a tramp stamp. That is the part of my culture that is significant, the relevance of a tramp stamp. I don’t think I need one. I’m not ever going to get one, if I have anything to say about it.

Tattoos are sexy on other people, when they have an abundance of them. It’s a sexy idea and a funny little fantasy I play in my head over and over, but I’m really into my skin being so very bare. I fetishizes it. My skin is ivory white and has nothing on it. It is very white and has no ink, it is a work of art in maintaining skin that gets no sun, that rejects ink as a pop culture pleasure disguised as a significant and meaningful work of art. There are better things I can do with my artistic urges, better things I can do with my money, better things I can do for the world. It is in my nature to rebel. The more other people tattoo themselves the more I relish in the fact that I have none.

I got some nasty message a couple weeks ago suggesting that because I am vocal about the fact that I like and indeed prefer to have sex with black men that I am shallow. Oh gawd no! Me Shallow! For the sake of Pete, I suppose this makes me human, human and American. Yes I am shallow, but not because I lust for ebony men in top physical form. I am a fetishist. I love to see contrast in the world, things that are strikingly different, the juxtaposition of difference turns me on. Very short and very tall people do it for me too. I am ivory white, some might say pasty, green, or even unhealthy vampire white. I don’t mind if you don’t like the color of my skin as a sexual object. If you lust after it in the way I lust after dark skin then woo hoo! People find things attractive, others not so much, everyone has different tastes. I love to see my ivory body wrapped in the arms of an ebony lover, the contrast is simply stunning. I fetishize the contrast. I know many people do. It doesn’t hurt that black men seem to have an abundance of schlong. I love dick, I love deep penetration, I love the orgasms that I have with large deep penetration. Does this make me shallow? Seeking sexual bliss makes me a shallow person? I’m not trying to be a saint.

Send me a very dark man with a very big dick. If he has no tattoos and is all cut and muscular I will cream. Sure I enjoy other types of people but when I am looking for sexual partners, this is one of the only types of men who actually turn me on. I’m not very straight, the fact that I like this particular form of masculinity is great. Who amongst us can say that a man of dark statuesque beauty isn’t sexy? When wrapped around my ivory white curvatious body, I’m in heaven.

And Now For Something Totally Out Of My Comfort Zone

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When I miss a call I return it. I called this number back a few time in the last ten days. Mark from VIP Services is what the message told me. Just Mark From VIP services. I figured he was a pimp.
He finally called when I was sitting with my phone. I answered and he told me he was with the Palazzo and that his client is a San Diego Padre. He went on with his fast paced spewel like he was for real, like he as a car salesman. He said that his client picked me out and that if I was available to spent tow weeks at the Palazzo I would have my own suite and that I would be allowed to spend money freely on his clients account. I would be paid the standard day rate which is what his client always pays, no more. He said I would be paid $9000 a day for two weeks and that a certain amount of it would need to be taxed. He went on and on, repeating himself twice. He sounded legit. Maybe it was his tone of voice or his brashy way of getting his point across. He asked me if I was available. I said yes.
He went on his spewel a little longer spending ten minutes on the phone with me. He said he would call his client, tell him I was available and that I should call him back. I called him back and he asked me for my legal, name. I told him that Widow Centauri is the name I use and that he could call me that, pay me as that and that was a fine name. He persisted that I give him another name. I’m thinking, is this guy for real? He must be, he books high rollers, so he says. Did a lot of money just slip through my hands because I told him I would prefer that I not tell him what my ID says until we meet in person? Or is this a strange scam? Do wankers make shit like this up? Who the hell knows. I wish I knew. I wish I could get into the groove of being a high priced lady of the high rollers. I’m just a little to brazen, a little too suspicious, I have been in this business too long to tell a stranger on the phone what my ID says.
Hmmmm, what the hell just happened? This is out of my comfort zone. Does anyone know?

If you are reading this Parde, call me directly. I’m not down with hard selling pimps / high roller bookers.

A Quick Piss In Whole Foods

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I met the cute young thing in the whole foods produce section. I put my hand out as we walked to the bathroom, he put the money in it. I opened the men’s room door expecting to find someone in there. It was vacant. We went into the stall. “Take off anything you don’t want to get wet” I told him. He stripped. I climbed up on the toilet, careful to leave my heels and briefcase in the corner of the stall away from where I would be pissing. I lifted my skirt and told him to come have a drink. He lapped at my piss as he stroked his dick. He was cute and young. “I’m gonna come” he said/ “Then come already” I told him. I shot my stream out for him, he lapped at it and came. I put on my shoes, pinched him on the cheek, and strolled out in to the supermarket.

The Things I Get Away With

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A few days back I posted something about how I want to pee on someone fully clothed, in public, on a bench. A few nights back I got a ext saying “I’m your man.” I responded wondering if he was a flake. Turned out he was not. Though I didn’t piss on him on the bench I was hoping for, we went into a casino and played a penny slot while I pissed all over him.
I was wearing a dress suit, one that needed to be sent to the cleaners anyway, and a very sexy pair of blue pumps. I met him in an out of the way casino, made some chit chat with him and then moved to the machines. I sat on his lap and we put some money in the thing. I pushed the buttons and when the machine would give us “raining bonus rounds” I would squirt my piss on him. At first it was just a little but to excite him. Then it was a little more until there was a puddle forming under us.
There were security people prowling around us, wondering what we were up to. The lady at the machine next to us, stopped playing, lit a cigarette and watched us, full stare. I giggled, we won, I pissed. At some point I got so horny from the pee and the bulge in his pants that I slid a condom on him, pulled my soaking wet panties aside and bounced up and down on him as we won penny after penny!
It was bizarre. It was edgy and sexy and fun. My favorite.
We spent a good long time fucking and pissing at the slot machine, then we went out to the car. I sat in the driver’s seat of his fast looking sports car and had him get down on his knees and drink my pee right there in the parking lot. The guy in the truck next to us took notice and we had an audience. Soon there was another guy in the car across from us. They sat there jerking off as he lapped at my stream and stroked his dick I found myself wanting to fuck some more. “Get up here and fuck me,” I demanded. He wedged himself into the strange spot between the car door and the steering wheel and fucked me till I was done. “Get down on the ground and drink my stream” I told him. I shot my stream as far out as it could go. It went a good four feet! He struggled to catch it, thinking it was going to dribble. I laughed and pissed and laughed and pissed. Then I went to my old slow looking car and drove away. Fun time had.

Kinky Sex With Yoga and Breakfast

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I have been having much fun in Las Vegas. Last night I had an overnight session that included the yoga + breakfast option that I advertise. Seems like people are always afraid to come to yoga with me. I love the shit. Do you think you are too fat? Too old? Too stiff? Well Mark didn’t.
Mark and I have seen each other several times over the years, mostly in New England. He called me up as soon as he realized we were both gonna be in Vegas at the same time. He told me he was in town for a conference and that he would be here with a bunch of people from work. He said he wanted to try a public humiliation scene in front of them, one that was a bitch girlfriend at dinner kind of thing. I was thrilled.
I went to Marks room at the Bellagio with a gallon of water and a bag of toys. I had on a very nice Calvin Klein dress suit and a pair of Dior fuck me pumps. I left my hair down to drive him crazy. As I guzzled water and Mark put on his tie I realized I had to pee. “Get over here and have a drink” I told him. He dropped to his knees in his suit and tie, opened his mouth and I squatted down right on his open hole. “don’t dribble or you will have to wear it all night” I told him. I could tell he was nervous about the possibility of having my piss all over him while we had dinner with his co-workers. I held back the full force of my stream, letting just a wee bit of pee into his mouth at a time. As he swallowed without letting his lips release off my pussy he began to make a really nice suction cup sensation happen. I dribbled piss slowly down his throat, he was sucking the piss right out of me. He gulped it down, the suction he had on my pussy combined with the gulping action made me come pretty quickly. I laid down on the bad and told him he had to suck all of it out of me. “I don’t want to use a porcelain toilet at all tonight. Suck all my piss out, see how many times you can make me come while you do it, don’t you dare dribble.”
I laid there on the bed pissing into his suction until I was done. I came four times. I pulled up my stockings and pulled my skirt down and went for my bag of toys. I noticed the throbbing in Marks pants. “Pull your pants down and bend over,” I told him. He dropped trough, climbed onto the bed on all fours and stuck his ass up in the air. I lubed up his ass, slid a condom on my very large stainless steel butt plug, slid the beast into his ass and enjoyed the sound of his painful little moans. “Pull your pants up, we don’t want to be late for dinner” I told him. He writhed to get up, that huge thing in his rump being somewhat painful. He pulled up his pants, we both washed our hands did a quick check in the mirror and we were on our way.
We met his coworkers in a bar downstairs, we told them I was his girlfriend who lives in Southern California, due to my graduate studies. It was a storyline that not only made sense but put us in the position of having a long-term relationship. I liked this and so did Mark, it made the way I was behaving all the more amusing to us. I spent the cocktail hour flirting with all of them, making sure that they new I was horny and that Mark and I were going to be having sex as soon as possible. I talked up my thesis research with Marks boss who is also a researcher. Most of the co-workers had their wives and girlfriends with them. John, Mark’s boss was an exception. He was stag in Vegas. His wife couldn’t get away for the week.
I enjoyed listening to the research development that John is involved with. I flirted with him as Mark stood there all plugged up, chiming in like a boyfriend who has little to contribute to the discussion. I ignored Mark as I chatted John up.
We had dinner at a fancy steakhouse. Needless to say, there was nothing I could eat. I threw a fit, I’m a vegetarian, I made a huge scene and humiliated Mark in front of people he has to work with. When the main course came I stormed out of the steakhouse screaming about the atrocities of meat. Mark followed me, ostensibly to calm me down. We got a drink and I teased him mercilessly. We went back into the steakhouse and sat down.
I sat there drinking wine all night, nibbling on a baked potato. Every now and again I would toss bits of it at Mark in a manner that screamed distain for the way the night was going. I grabbed his cock once or twice while John was looking. I flirted with his boss. I played the bitchy girlfriend just he way he wanted it. It was sexy and edgy. My favorite kind of game.
After dinner we went to see a Cirque de Sole’ show. I sat between Mark and John. As the lights went down I put my hand on Johns thigh. I leaned in and whispered something about how sexy these performers are. He agreed. I squeezed his thigh. I crossed my legs and leaned in towards John, completely embarrassing Mark. I could tell that Mark was turned on watching me throw myself at his boss.
When the show was over everyone went their own way, back to their rooms for some shut-eye. Conference stuff in the AM makes the middle aged call it a night pretty early. I asked John if he would stay with us. “I don’t wan to be bored out of my mind with my vapid little boyfriend. Come with us, have a drink, it won’t kill you.” Mark extended the invitation. John acquiesced and we went to the rooftop bar at he Rio. We sat there looking over the strip gigging, talking, flirting. I asked John if he had ever had a threesome. He said once in college with two women but never with two men. I suggested that we all go back to Marks room. Mark looked at his boss and said “she isn’t usually like this.” “Come on boys it’s Vegas, don’t chicken out,” I said as I got up to go. “Let’s get a cab and get back to the room. I have to pee.”
With that it was on. In the cab I sat between the two of them stroking their cocks. When we got back to the room at the Bellagio I told Mark “sit down and watch your boss have his dicked sucked.” Mark sat on the bed and I got out Johns dick, dropped to my knees and sucked on it the whole time making eye contact with Mark. It was wicked sexy.
“Come drink my piss as I suck on this dick” I told mark. He scurried under me, lifting my skirt, he pulled my stockings down to my knees and put his face under me. He kissed my pussy, he opened for what he knew would be a stream to the face. I lifted my skirt all the way up so it wouldn’t get wet and I gushed my nights worth of piss all over Marks face. John got even harder, he was moaning, and mumbling something about how he couldn’t believe this was happening. I kept sucking his dick and pissing on mark. When I was finished pissing I stood up, undressed and told Mark “get out your dick and stroke it while I amuse myself.” He sat there on the floor stroking his dick, still fully dressed in a soaking wet suit, as I slid a condom on John. I bent over the bed and John fucked me from behind. “You like to watch me get fucked by your boss, don’t you” I said to Mark. He replied with a pathetic “yes.” John was pounding me, it was great, his dick was huge, I was coming and coming and coming. When John came I took the condom over to Mark, “open your mouth like a little birdie.” I pushed all the come out of the condom into Marks mouth. John just laid there on the bed, fully spent, not sure what to say. I fed the come to Mark and told him not to come. “Don’t you dare come you filthy little boy. I’m not done with you, I’m just getting started. Eat all the come and then stop stroking your dick. Mark swallowed his boss’s jiz and took his hand off his cock. He licked his lips and opened wide, hoping I would let him chew on the used rubber. I put it in his mouth and sat on the bad next to John. “Fun eh?”
“Wow, I can’t believe how kinky the two of you are” John said to me, “this is the craziest thing I have ever done.”
We made some discussion about kinky sex and I told John he should go back to his room to get some sleep. It was 4:30 in the morning and Mark and I had to get to yoga.
John put on his clothing and went upstairs to be overwhelmed with emotions. I’m sure I ruined poor John from ever being able to have vanilla sex again. Oh well I’m not gonna loose any sleep over that.
I told mark to clean himself up a little, “don’t shower. I want my piss all over you in yoga.”
When we got to yoga Mark was still plugged up, he had piss all over him, he looked like he had been through hell. We had both been drinking all night and must have looked a mess going in there. I put my mat in front, told Mark to put his mat right behind me. I wore this tiny little yoga outfit that sometimes slips aside when I bend over. I flashed Mark and made his dick hard through the whole class. I wasn’t sure he was gonna make it. I could see his dick bulging out of his pants, the plug pushing on his prostate. I wondered it he was gonna involuntarily come in class. I have yoga orgasms all the time. Somehow he made it through the sweaty hot ordeal.
We headed to a shitty breakfast joint for some coffee and pancakes. After we ate breakfast I took Mark to the bathroom for another long drink of piss. “Stroke your dick and drink my pee” I told him. He lapped at my piss stream, stroked his meat, I splashed some piss in his nose and watched him sputter. “Come for me now” I told him. He came hard. It spurted and spurted and spurted and spurted. I watched him come for what seemed like an eternity. When his spunk finally stopped spurting I told him “clean yourself up, remove the plug, wash it off in the sink, and meet me at the table.”
I went back to the table, had another cup of coffee and waited for him to return. “Thank you for the most wonderful night of my life Widow” he said as he approached the table. “You’re welcome” I said smugly. I knew it was a sexy, difficult, mild altering experience. I patted him on the head, sat there with him for a few minutes listening to him babble from the endorphins, then I got up to leave. “I’m in Vegas till the 17th. Let me know if you have time to get together again before you leave, otherwise I’ll see you in New England” I told him. I patted him on the head again, left the building, got in a cab and went back to my room. I slept all day. I hope he had a nice time at the conference, enjoyed a beer with his boss after a hard day of workshops, networking and vendors.

Public Piss On The Strip!

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On my way into Vegas he called. A piss boy I haven’t seen in years. He said he was in Henderson. “Meet me on the strip right now” I told him. In an hour I was sitting across from my old friend at the Wynn. I sat there drinking water, more water, more water still. I had a gallon of it with me and wanted to make sure he squirmed as I drank the whole thing in front of him.
He told me stories about his family, about his job, the reason he was in Vegas. I sipped on my water, not really that interested in what he had to say. I had heard it all before, not much changes in most people’s lives. When I was finished with my gallon of water I ordered a beer and took him by the wrist. “Let’s find a bathroom” I whispered. “Here” he gulped? “Okay,” I answered, “nice idea, “ballsy.”
We wandered around for a little while. Looking for the right place for me to pee on him. He knew what was coming and my beer was gone now. I had a gallon of water in my bladder and a beer too. I had to pee and I was getting kind of bitchy about it. Then I saw it. A family bathroom! “Come on” I said to him as we pushed through the crowd to get to what I knew would be a single bathroom with a locking door, lots of mirrors, a drain and a good time waiting for me.
I turned the handle and it was locked. We waited. He stammered out something about how dangerous this was, how we were gonna get caught. “shut up” I told him just as the door opened and an old lady walked out of the family bathroom, looked us up and down and smiled. I grabbed my toilet boy’s hand and pulled him in behind me. I locked the door and surveyed the bathroom. It was set up just like I expected it to be. My heart was pounding. I knew that what my bitch had said about getting caught was right. There were cameras everywhere, it was only a matter of time before we were being talked to.
“Strip” I told him. He hesitated. ”Strip unless you want to be soaking wet when they throw us out of here.” He took off his shirt and put it on the sink, he pulled down his pants without having removed his shoes and his pants got stuck. He looked really silly trying to get his pants off while his shoes were still on.
“Just lay down and open wide” I ordered him. He laid on the cold tile floor. I lifted my skirt and aimed right at his face. He opened wide like a baby bird. I shot a strong stream of piss right into his mouth and watched it overflow. It got all over his face. “swallow it” I told him and he gasped for air. He swallowed and I shot another stream of piss in his mouth, he guzzled it. I let it rip. I had so much piss in me, his face was soaking wet. His hair was dripping wet with my pee.
“Stroke your dick” I told him. Someone tried the handle of the bathroom. “occupied” I hollered towards the door. “stroke it” I told him. He began to stroke his dick and I let my stream drip like a coffee pot onto his good time. “faster” I told him, “someone is waiting out there.” He stroked and I pissed and he stroked and I pissed. “Open” I said. He opened his mouth and I shot my strong stream into his mouth. “come for me now” I told him and I kept pissing, “Swallow it and come for me!” He Let out a moan and chocked on my piss. I kept pissing all over his face until I had no more piss. He writhed around on the floor making quite a mess. When I had no more pee I used his shirt to wipe myself off and pulled my skirt down.
“I’m gonna wash my hands and go” I told him. Clean this mess up and if you can get it together to do it before I leave whoever is out there waiting won’t find you in here like this.” He panicked and grabbed a bunch of paper towels, he dried himself off, dried the floor off rather half heartedly, put on his shirt and buttoned it crooked. By then I was drying my hands and opening the door. He didn’t get to wash up or even check himself out in the mirror, he was following me out the door. Whoever had been waiting was gone, we walked back out into the casino and I got another beer. He followed me until I told him to go away. “You’re a mess. Get out of here, people are staring.” “Thank you Widow” he said and turned and left.
I went up to my room, finished my beer and went to bed. I’m glad I came back to Vegas. Sin City has lots of good times for me.

Back In Vegas for a few days — maybe till the 17th

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I’m back in Vegas. Call me / text me. Let’s play!

Widow Centauri