Leaving Las Vegas — Denver / Boulder and Chicago next

I’m leaving Las Vegas on Monday, heading to Denver / Boulder for a few Days then Chicago for the weekend of July 4th. I’m scheduling sessions for Colorado and Chicago now. I will be available for roadside piss stops. I’m leaving Monday night after the sun goes down and heading up15, passing the I 70 corridor as my old slow weighted down car might not make it over the divide. I’ll be heading through Cheyenne on I80 then down to Boulder and Golden, not really Denver at all. If you want to play in Denver I can make the trip but I like to stay close to the mountains. It is very sexy near the edge.
Before I leave Las Vegas I have to get rid of some of this crap. I have way too much stuff with me. Want to buy my dirty stockings? Panties? Laundry?
How bout a latex session? We can go through a huge box of latex clothing and wash it, polish it, sort it, repack it? You can get me dressed in it and all shined up. I’m in the mood to deal with all this latex I have with me.
I have this pony bit and gag with me. Wanna be my pervy little pony on the Las Vegas Strip?
Also I really want to see Andrew Dice Clay before I leave town. Take me to see this Tony Clifton rip off. I want to see this spectacle.

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