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I’m Outta Here! ~~ Leaving SoCal Mid June ~~ Selling a buch of stuff NOW!

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I’m preparing to leave SOCAL.  Yep.  I can’t take it so I’m gonna head back east and work on me thesis.  I have managed to find a few sexy people to get my freak on with here but when they open their mouths I have to listen to the music and just nod, like I’m listening to their heterosexist pov.

I’m in sd for a few more weeks.  Wanna play?  I hope so.  I need to leave this town with a few good memories.  Maybe a reason to return.  Oh how wonderful would it be to have someone to play with when I come back for my storage.

That said I’m selling a bunch of stuff.

Chaps, corsets, a pair of pink over the knee boots, a kneeler, my custom made Sony black cage, a grip of funky costumes that include a Darth Vader mask, a Yoda mask, clown shoes, Abe Lincoln beard n hat, a blond wig, my catholic school uniform skirt (yes, the one I actually went to school in), a security jacket, a big bag of used dildos, dirty panties, my big office desk, a huge mirror, a kitchen chopping block – shelf – drawer thing on wheels (it is very useful), a bunch of albums and 8tracks, and a bunch of other random things too.

If you want something send me an email.  I’m offing it.

I’m heading to New England. I’ll stop in Phoenix, Denver / Boulder, Chicago, Buffalo, then Western Mass.  I’ll head to the cape when I have a good reason to battle the tourists.  I hope I have a chance to play n pee on my road trip!

DomCon LA — Today Only!

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I’m in LA for DomCon today.  I’m in the mood to play. I need work of any kind so if you want to play or shoot me today is a good day to make that happen. When you see me with my gallon of water, say hello.  I have to pee.  Be my toilet!
Widow Centauri