Driving up hwy 101

In Adventure, bathroom, BDSM, deviance, discount domination, dominatrix, drama, drinking, Family, fetish, fun, GLBTQ, Golden Showers, Happy Hour, kink, pissing, politics, San Diego, San Francisco, Sex, sexual politics, sexuality, Tour, Touring, traveling, Widow Centauri on December 21, 2009 at 10:46 pm

I’m gonna go to San Francisco tomorrow, Tuesday 12/22.  I don’t have enough money for gas.  I have a few gallons of water.  I’ll drink them, then I’ll have to piss.  I’m taking the 101.  Are you a thirsty toilet boy on my way?  Call me / text me.  I’ll pull over and take a piss.

Widow Centauri


  1. Is freaksofcomedy@gmail.com the best e-mail to get a hold of you I would like to book a public shower for the 14th or 15th

  2. still in san francisco or have you absconded?

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