Western Mass Now. NYC Saturday. Hyannis Sunday.

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I am in Western Mass now.  I could potentially see a client on Friday night after 9:00 PM.  Saturday morning I head to NYC via car.  I will need to pee – contact me to be my roadside toilet!

I’ll be in the city (and mostly unavailable) on Saturday.   Quick public piss sessions are available during the day.  I have time for one full session in NYC on Saturday night.

Sunday morning I head to the cape.  I am available for roadside piss stops on my way there.  Hyannis is my destination.  I have time for one session while I am there.  I am going through my dungeon / theater storage so I’ll be in a mood.  Also, I’ll be dirty and smelly.

Sunday night I head back to Western Mass.  I will be available for outcall sessions Monday.  Tuesday I am not available.

Wednesday through November first – this is still up in the air.  I should be in NYC on Wednesday the 28th but I need to be in Western Mass too.  Hmmmm.  I’ll update with my decision as soon as I make one.

  1. Dearest Widow Centauri:

    When do You expect to return to San Diego? i ask because i would like to schedule a session with You when You’re back in town.

    Hope that Your trip to the tri-state area is dirty and full of sexl. i wish i could meet You on one of Your roadside piss (pit?) stops.

    Submissively Yours,

    • I am back in San Diego for ten days. Then I head to Berkeley for a few. Call me if you want to play.
      Widow Centauri

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