New England and the Tri-State Area — Next Week!

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I’ll be in New England and the Tri-State area this month.

Furlough season has given me a chance to get out of this hole of a town.  I fly to Boston Wednesday.  I head to Western Mass immediately and hole up until Friday at which point I will begin interviewing people for my thesis.  Interested in talking to me about gender neutral language?  Send me a message.

I might take a trip to the cape during the weekend – depends.  The following Monday I will start wandering around the region looking at schools and making road side piss stops!  You know you want one!

My itinerary is still coming together but I will certainly be visiting Albany, Boston, NYC, Stony Brook, Princeton, and New Brunswick NJ.  I expect I’ll go into Pennsylvania but I have a feeling this will be a mistake.

That said, I can’t wait to be someplace that is flip flop free.  I’m sick to tears of the lousy footwear that is endemic to this region.  Contact me to play or to schedule an interview about gender variant language.

Widow Centauri

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