The LGBTQ Western Regional Conference

In Adventure, BDSM, bondage, culture, deviance, dominatrix, Dykes, fun, GLBT, GLBTQ, kink, performance, perverts, politics, porn, Pride, Public, queer, sexual politics, sexuality, Widow Centauri on February 18, 2009 at 9:47 am

I went to Santa Barbara to speak about my research. I gave two presentations. Gender Variant Neologisms and SM 101. Neologisms are new words. The pictures show an adventure that took place on Sunday during SM 101. After the workshop I was asked to demo some of the toys and techniques I was discussing. As I started to tie up a sexy lady I realized a line was forming. I tied four hot chicks together and took them into the closing ceremony. We went right up to the podium and I tried to give them to the speaker. No one actually said anything about the dominatrix who brought a train of bondage babes into the hall. They just asked us to leave. We went to the courtyard and finished playing. I flogged Ryan, a very good hugger from Berkeley, on the UC Santa Barbara campus. I love public love. Campus love is particularly sexy.

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