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The Obamas Are into Fisting says Fox News Sexpert!

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Kinky Sexy Sandy Eggo

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SM 101 was great – a good sized group of people showed up though most of them had been playing since before I had been born.  A 101 class was not really what they needed.  The class ended up being something more of a discussion of kink politics, and boobies.  I love both!
After the class there was a play party where I had a chance to assist in a full suspension.  Sol, the raging pervert, gave me the skinny on fully body suspension and hopefully at the next party I will have a chance to hoist someone up in to the rafters.  Suspension is something I have judged for far too long – up they go!
I wish we had taken more pictures as I looked great in my pink rubber dress, black rubber rope jewelry and green LAMB stilettos.  I really don’t have a lot of opportunity to dress in fetish fashion at school and I really do love to dress up.
I have been somewhat removed from the kink scene for a little while.  I realized that being removed from it was just what I needed.  When I was going to fetish event after fetish event I was getting a little tired of always sporting such uncomfortable outfits.  Tall pointy shoes and super tight corsets will make you bitchy – at least they made me pretty bitchy.  Spending time around a group of people who are much more well read, but sometimes dressed a bit down, has made me realize that I actually do like the kink scene.  I like dressing up and playing but when I do it all the time I get a little burnt out, like anyone.  I think this arrangement of teaching workshops and hosting parties is the perfect amount of kink for me to entertain myself for a little while.  I do hope you can make it to the next workshop /  party: Gender Bending on March 7th at 6:00 PM.  Gender bending is the topic of my thesis so I have a lot to say about it.  I’ll also be presenting my preliminary research findings at the regional LGBTQ conference in Santa Barbara Valentine’s Day Weekend, and at the PSA conference in April.  If you desire some level of nudity with your nerd fest I recommend that you come to the workshop at Dungeon Servitus.  I expect I will have a hard time getting the researchers at the academic conferences to take off their clothing!

Life is Shit, The World is Shit, and Everybody Has Nice Stuff but Me

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Yes, I like to name my blog entries after songs – my life is a mutherfucking musical.  Today really sucked.  Like sucked a donkey dick sucked.  I should have taken some pills and watched movies all day.  Foolish me I kept expecting it would improve.  I was wrong.
I work up at something like 5:00 Am to my cat howling, his favorite new thing to do.  After I got him to shut the fuck up I bent over to feed him and dripped blood al over the kitchen floor.  Yes, I have my period again.  Maybe I have someone else’s cycle, maybe my body is shooting eggs out like an automatic weapon hoping to attract someone to copulate with, or maybe I get my period ever ten day now.  Who fucking knows?
Now that the sun is coming up and I have blood and a screeching cat on my hands I can get to the part  where I talk to my sister and her new baby is screaming in the phone – I have the evil ear thing in and so now over my first cup of coffee there is a screaming baby in my head.  Wow.  Does it get better?
Sure does.  I go to target.  I hate shopping (except for designer shoes and Demask latex) so being in Target is a little like a trip to suburban hell.  Save for many many screaming kids nothing tragic happens. I refrain from biting anyone, and I get out of the store with an enormous amount of dental hygiene products and kitty litter.
I have a beer, a short sob fest to remind myself how really great this town is,  and then I move to the Cuban rum I have been saving for a special occasion.  Feeling like shit is a special occasion.  I’m sure I won’t have the luxury to feel so lousy in the months to come.  I crack into it and tell myself I’m only gonna have one drink.  It is the best rum in the world so I change my mind and say only two.  On drink three my friend VP calls and tells me I’m bipolar and I should seek help.  I scream “FUCK YOU” into the phone, hang up and have several more drinks.
After getting my period at a strange time of the month, dealing with screaming kids, cats, and corporate amerika; VP’s hippie shit, get your life together talk, was just too fucking much to take.  I called him back and told him he is the one who is bipolar, and delusional, and a bourgeois dick who only called me because he felt bad about the way he threw my ass out last time I came to visit.  Why is now the time to call me and tell me that I need help.  I was minding my business enjoying a dirty book and a glass of rum.  Why did he think it was the right time to call and suggest that I need help? Maybe god just hates me! Fuck everyone who wants to howl their shit at me today, my cat, my nephew, my ex (who I spared you the nasty details of), the wailing kids in target, and you VP, FUCK YOU, YOU BIPOLAR SOB!

Cock In A Box

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[blip.tv ?posts_id=1670837&dest=35168]

The Devilish Fourth Installment from the one woman show:


Written and performed by Widow Centauri

Directed and Produced by Lorelei Erisis

The Show Runs approx. 1hr and is available to come to your own home town.

For Booking Details or Additional information please contact:


Be sure to visit the Show Blog:


And follow the continuing adventures of Widow Centauri at her personal blog:


SM 101 and a Private Play Party! — Jan 17th

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I’m teaching SM 101 at Dungeon Servitus on Saturday the 17th at 6:00 PM.  The play party that follows is a private party for workshop attendees only.  If you have been wanting to see me in San Diego, or you are simply curious about BDSM come to this workshop.  I’m seriously excited to get dressed up and play.  Click http://www.dungeonservitus.com to RSVP.  If you happen to be one of the students in my department you can be comped into the series of workshops I’m teaching at this dungeon.  Everyone else must pay the ten bucks it costs to get in.  I’m looking forward to being a part of the San Diego kink scene so come out and encourage my enthusiasm.

Yippie, A New Year

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Woo hoo!  Can you hear me people?  i said woo fucking hoo.  A new year, yippie!  The thing I am most excited about is the fact that when this year is over it will be 2010 and that is really very sci-fi, the future is now, ish.  Ya know?

When I was a little kid all the sci fi movies, books, and other entertaiment based forms of brain washing projected the far far away future to be twenty ten.  Well next year it is, and I can hardly wait.  Twenty mutherfucking ten here I come.  I’m gonna get all dressed up in silver shiny sci fi coustumes, have sex with robots, and hope to seduce Richard Branson.  Yea, he is a little wrinkely but as the only guy who can mix a martin in space I have my eye on his over tanned, bleached hair, sex appeal.