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Bitching About Bitches

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Yesterday I had three guys flake on me.  Count them three.  I wasted my whole fucking day.  I’m broke as shit (graduate school is expensive and leaves no time to work)  and the guy who scheduled a week ahead of time had to back out at the last minute.  The guy who replaced him called to confirm so I got all dressed up in a sexy pink rubber dress, a full face of make up, fishnets – I looked super hot – but then he never showed up, stopped answering his phone and left me sitting here looking like the sad and lonely dominatrix I so clearly am.  The third guy said he was on his way.  I got half ready and called him to make sure.  He pulled the same not answering his phone shit.
I have had a few guys stand me up over the years but three in one day.  Fuck.  I only have time to play on Thursdays and Fridays right now.  Sadly I am also expected to get my homework done during that stretch of time.  Why in the hell do people need to play these games?
I’m gonna go write a paper on racism now.  Have a nice day.

An Update

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I really am so tired of sand in my waffles.  I have been splitting my time between this neo-moral fascist suburb and Hollywood for a couple months now.  I have some findings to report.
First I hate it here.  This town stinks.  There is nothing but beige strip malls, surfers, and meth heads.  Now please don’t get me wrong, I love school.  My program is kicking ass – mainly my ass.  I’m reading three – seven books a week right now and writing papers on al of them.  The program is really intense and all of the people in my department are fucking great.  I just wanna say that I love the people in my department.  Everyone outside of school sucks ass.  This town is full of people who want to engage in conversation but are completely unprepared to converse on anything they disagree with.  Ick –
In addition to the lousy social climate (read overtly friendly yet stupid), I don’t have any one to play with.  I am a craigslist junkie and I have been posting ads looking for a slave.  I guess this week I have managed to find a little fuck-off time so I’m looking for a bitch.  If you have read my blogs in the past you probably know how much luck I’m having.  Such a waste of time.
I met a guy the other night who looked alright online.  Said he was into humiliation and gender bending and I thought “whoopee … someone kinky” but when we met he was a teetotaler who wanted to “balance my energy.” Fucking hippies always want to feel you up and make it sound like it is to your benefit.  I told him my energy was fine.  Maybe a little manic but I like it that way, thank you very much.  Keep your paws off my fucking energy.   Hippies, ick, I hate those guys!
So you know – I’m probably gonna upgrade my image a bit.  I’m feeling pretty agro here.  I think I’m about to cut my hair off, dye it green, and get lots of tattoos.  Sorry if this makes you cringe.  I have gone so long with this normal girl look and I find that my personality is no longer able to maintain this nice sweet look.  People expect that I’m nice.  When I open my yapper and an angry political tirade comes oozing out they get scared.  I think it’s time for a major overhaul in the looks department.
Al that said, I hope you can stay with me while I figure out what the hell I’m doing with this blog.  If I could get laid I would write about it.  With all this homework it is impossible to make any time for anything but sleeping and trying to sublet my Hollywood apartment.  If you know someone who in Hollywood who is employed, likes hardwood floors, and lousy parking have them drop me an email – I have an awesome apartment and it needs someone in it ASAP.
More soon

Sex Workshops

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I’m teaching my series of workshops at Dungeon Servitus in San Diego.  The first one is Dress Up For Sex and it’s just in tie for Halloween!  The 25th of October.  Visit the dungeons website for more information about attending my awesome workshops.  And be sure you click the workshops button on the top of this page for descriptions of my most popular ones.  I hope you come check them out — there are parties after the workshops!  Woo Hoo!