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Kinky is Normal

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The cover of Psychology Today has a picture of a dominatrix on the cover.  The copy reads “Twisted? … 7 taboos that are perfectly natural.”   I grab it hoping that we are finally being treated as normal people by the American Psychiatric Association.  Not that I care what a bunch of shrinks think of me but a lot of people do worry about being normal.
I’m reading along thinking this might not be so bad it looks like they are going to make a claim that being kinky is an acceptable and normal sexual behavior.  No such luck.  Thanks a lot Psychology Today.  Thanks for reinforcing the “oh my god I’m a freak” that every pervert in the closet is dealing with.

Page 75, a big black box in the middle of the page tells us that “an unusual sexual practice is likely harmless, unless it is the only thing that turns you on.”  WTF?  The author goes on to say that “ a little bit of kink is a good thing but [that too much] will get in the way of the relationship.”  Then it goes on to talk about how to “cure” a porn addict.

Here is the problem with this:

Kinky people are normal.  This article suggests that experts think that we are not.  I know a lot about kink so I am entitled to speak about this.  Many people who are not really kinky want to try it out.  Maybe they want to please their partners, maybe they are bored with the vanilla sex that they regularly have, maybe they are simply curious what all the fuss is about.  Possibly, they are just wondering if wearing a big pair of boots will make their husbands fuck them properly.  Maybe the boots will do it.  Depends on the relationship and the sexuality of the husband.  It is not normal to be curios about it and abnormal to actually be into it.  Period.

The thing is that when you are first coming into kink you might want to try it all and see what does it for you.  As you progress in your experience and your fantasies they seem, for a lot of us, to bottleneck.  That is the fantasies of adults seem to become more and more specific as time goes on.

Sure, sometimes things changes and you might go from loving stockings to loving latex,.  But I have never met a pervert who didn’t have an almost obsessive like quality to his kink.  When he is making love to his wife he is thinking about the one true thing that gets him off.   Be it boots, cross-dressing, rubber, golden showers, or gay sex.
It’s not a mother fucking salad bar, it’s our sexuality.  Everyone is different, everyone is normal, and everyone has a right, and indeed a responsibility, to seek out partners who have compatible sexual preferences.  If kink gets in the way of your relationship you need to work on your relationship or find a new one.  Some of the most intimate, passionate, and loving relationships are based on sexual preferences.

I know exactly what I like in my sex.  If some therapist came up to me and told me that she could cure me I would likely deck her.  I don’t want to be cured, I enjoy sex — a lot.  Thank you, but isn’t the idea of curing someone’s sexual preference something akin to what Focus On The Family has been doing to gay people for years now?  Why is it an acceptable idea that we can go in and rearrange the sexuality of people.  You can never make a gay person straight.  You can never make a kinky person vanilla.  Please stop trying – it offends me.

Sunday Bloody Sunday (or, thanks for cleaning up the kitchen honey)

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I have always loved to get my period.  I find the release of blood to be cleansing, releasing all the stress of being a woman, attracting men with my pungent stink.  Blood is neat and the fact that I get to bleed all over my hands for a couple days each month is sexy.

Dripping red blood.

One afternoon I was having a pretty raging PMS melt down in the kitchen.  My poor girlfriend was just trying to calm me down when I pulled my dress off and threw it n the kitchen table.  Standing there naked except for a pair of black stockings and pointy-toed stilettos I reached between my legs and pulled my tampon out.  I held it right above my head hollering some madness about the pain of being a woman.  Then I squeezed my tampon all over my tits. The blood came down in a stream.  It splattered on my chest and ran into three different rivers.  One went right down my midline, pooled in my belly button, and continued down to meet my bush.  The other two cascaded off my breasts shooting onto the kitchen floor like a couple of waterfalls.  Waterfalls of blood.  It was a big mess.  I was hysterical.  Blood was dripping down my thighs and my girlfriend just stood there watching the whole thing, stunned.

Yep., I like to play with blood.  It doesn’t gross me out, freak me out, or make me squeamish.  I like the way it smells – a little like seaweed, full of iron.  I like the way it looks, the way it dries all crusty to the skin.  I like the way it tastes — earthy.

Like that afternoon in the kitchen demonstrates, I get a little overwhelmed when I have my period.  Hey, who doesn’t?  Everyone of us who bleeds from our genitalia for days on end can tell you that there is an emotional rollercoaster involved with the female cycle.  It makes us bitchy, sad, hungry, horny, and totally fucking insane.
I like to play with blood.