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In Comedy, kink, politics, Widow Centauri on May 15, 2008 at 10:31 pm

I am moving to San Diego right now. I was accepted into an awesome graduate program and I’m packing and leaving my home in lala land.

I’m selling some of my shit : http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk300/WidowCentauri/Bondage-Furniture-For-Sale.jpg

I am looking for a place in San Diego for me, my girlfriend, and our cat. We are pretty flexible as to what we end up with. A giant warehouse might be right, a little beach cottage could work too. I’m gonna keep an open mind as we look at things that interest us. In the mean time I am looking for a temporary place to stay while I look for the right place.

Ideally you have a huge home and want to invite me to use you and it for my own well being. Maybe you are a pervert with a spare room. Either way I am hopeful that you will have room for a large cage and a bunch of my favorite toys that I just can’t part with. You obviously need to be kinky in order to invite us into your space, or kink curious. I’m game to play with you, in fact I would love to find a good slave in SD. Maybe it’s you!

In addition to a place to stay temporarily I need a place to have the occasional session (I am going into semi-retirement), a slave to drive me around, a big beautiful back man who wants to practice yoga and have freaky sex everyday, and a handy-man type slave. If you think you can amuse me in San Diego now is your chance. School starts in August and after it does don’t expect me to answer my phone, check my own email, or be even remotely easy to reach. I’ll be busy.

Don’t worry I’ll still blog about my sex life, If I’m not too busy to have a sex life that is.

Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to find that big beautiful black man who wants to practice yoga and have freaky sex everyday! If you are reading this you had better say hello!