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Are You Out There Latex-Loveing Pervert?

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sexy-rotate-without-copy.jpgI love latex. I love the way it smells like chocolate and the way it clings to my shapely body. Oh latex, the way it shines and the way it sticks to my behind.

I am a latex fetishist. I can’t get enough of the stuff. I wake up in the morning and I want to put it on. I wish I could wear latex exclusively but sadly it rips and it is very expensive. If only I could find a wealthy investor who wants to invest in my latex wardrobe. Hey, maybe I can. Are you out there latex-loving pervert? I don’t care if you are submissive or if you think you are dominant, I only care about the latex. You buy it – I’ll wear it, take pictures in it, masturbate in it, bathe in it, offer road side piss stops in it, and love it. You know you want to buy me latex clothing so what are you waiting for – I have a catsuit design waiting to be paid for a syren. Get out your credit card and call them up, tell them you want to pay for the catsuit in Widow Centauri’s name and then email me telling me you did it. The suit is simply stunning. Make me happy and buy me latex today!

I Lost 10 lbs. in 7 Days with … THE FLU!

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widow-head-onkatemossbodywe.jpgI lost 10 lbs in 7 days with THE FLU

I know it sounds unbelievable. Ten pounds in seven days – there are always these con like gimmicks that make empty promises but with my proven strategy you can really loose the weight. Now granted you have to suffer with a 104 degree fever for a week but the pounds will just melt right off! With THE FLU your not even hungry so a diet of Tylenol and toast for a week seems like nothing. I lost ten pounds in seven days and you can too, with THE FLU!

The Politics, The Censors, The Drama!

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ticket-back-web.jpgCensorship Sucks!

I suppose you know your doing something right when the censors start to shut you down. It never feels like it though. Today my profile on Collar Me was suspended because to many people complained about me. I’m not sure why they give a fuck about me on a website designed to connect kinky people with one another.

Collar me is a page that has profiles of kinky people trying to find other kinky people. I’m a smoking hot dominatrix and I’m actually looking for a few good slaves. You would be surprised to discover exactly how difficult it is to find helpful, low maintenance, competent slaves. I have to put up a personal ad that then gets blocked because of complaints.

Maybe the users of CM are looking for overweight middle aged women who will make them lick the floor of their own apartment “on cam.” LOL I am not into domination on cam. I like to watch boys suffer.

I also updated my profile with some pretty edgy things that a dominatrix not say or do. Oh Hoo Hoo! I guess that when it comes to being kinky I just don’t fit in. I never liked seventh grade much – I skipped the whole year (read cut class not jumped to 8th grade) and this scene is starting to feel a lot like junior high school.

I’m sorry that I don’t validate the gods of perverts. I don’t follow the rules, I’m not interested in “acting” like a dominatrix. If I’m happy I’m gonna smile. Scowling will give you frown lines and tends to make you grumpy. I’m a fucking smiley dominatrix. Deal with it.

Cuckold Sessions

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Last night I met a little weasely man who said he wanted to be my cuck. I thought “this is better done than said” so I grabbed a couple of beautiful black men and took them downstairs to the hotel room.

I pushed the two white slaves into the corner to watch as I got down with these dark skinned beauties. I love the way dark skin looks on my smooth ivory body. Thankfully they had no dearth of testosterone. I don’t like sleeping with white boys. Shit, I’m 80 percent dyke. I do however get quite a rush from making them watch what they will never have.

Last night I met a boy from collar me. We met on the roof of the standard hotel in downtown LA. He wants to be my cuck.

He has sent me message after message telling me how he wants to find me studs and make sure I’m sexually satisfied. Anyone who has ever noticed my shape hopes I’m a nymphomaniac. I am.

When I arrived at the Standard fifteen minutes late he was not there yet. I got myself an overpriced drink and sat near the pool. “I want that hat” “give it to me … I want it” came at me from the corner. I turned to see a beautiful black man expressing desire for my headgear. I told him I would not give up my hat but maybe I would give up something else. I don’t know why I said it. It is not in my character to be so flirtatious. Usually I’m bitchier than that.

After half a martini what’s-his-name showed up. The beautiful black man said goodbye and I spent the next few drinks wondering why he left. The white cuck hopeful was pretty dull. We moved to a waterbed bubble. After another drink I went to the bathroom but stopped to talk to the black man and his friends. Yum.

I invited them over to our bubble. The original guy took his time getting there but he showed up. Then he noticed my ass. Where did you get an ass like that? He asked me. I had no time to answer him, he reached out and touched it. This was great for me, I love to have my ass touched. It made the cuck boy hard. We all sat there in the capsule of water bed, him feeling up my ass and legs and making just enough noise that security came and made several trips around the pod. We swapped black men, sending the noisy one for drinks, the polite quiet lawyer made small talk. I missed the ass groper. Finally I thought of my slave in the hotel room on the seventh floor. I should see if he is ready. I took the cuck and went to the seventh floor. When we got there I sent him back to the roof to retrieve the black men. I don’t know what he said but in no more than three minutes they were all back. White dull cuck boy and two beautiful black men. I pulled them in through the hotel door and proceeded to undress them.

I pulled off their shirts and molested their big strong arms.

They were shocked and stunned by my overt sexuality. I wanted to fuck these boys and I expected them to fuck me in front of a couple of white boys, standing and watching like it was a movie. I was right, they did what was expected of them.

If you have ever been in a room at the standard you know that they have this amazing glass shower placed right in front of the bed and behind it a long stretch of what would be a vanity, if it had a mirror. I pushed the white boys into the corner and got naked in the bathroom with the beautiful black men. I am sure it was quite spectacular to watch. I have such ivory skin with nothing on it and they were both statuesque black beauties.

I sucked them while wearing my spider hat and a pair of turquoise high heels. I fucked them in the bathroom and on the bed. For hours we got our nasty little freak on – the whiteys didn’t say anything. At some point one of the black men picked me up in the bathroom. I watched him fuck me in the bathroom mirror while I was completely suspended. I love shoes, black men and making white boys know their place. It was nice to get out.

Public Golden Showers

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mermaid-and-me.jpgI Pee On Mermaids!I Pee On Mermaids!How would a public golden shower work?

This is the question on the week.

I love to do public golden showers. Here is why, how, and when.

When I was in high school I liked to pee on the street. My friend Sara got me into it. She would sit on the curb and pee into the gutter. Sometimes I had so much piss I would accidentally shoot it into my shoes. Yes, I’m ditsy, I know.

Anyway, at some point I thought it would be more fun to pee onto a boy. I started pissing on my lovers at the beach. One night at a party someone dared me to pee on him in front of a bunch of friends. I took him up on it and got so turned on I never actually want to use the white porcelain type of toilet again.

Last year I went on a road trip across the country. I put out the word that I was looking for public golden shower boys and started stopping at gas stations, taking them into the bathroom, and using the boy instead of the nasty public toilet. Yes, sometimes the boy would get drenched.

I have pissed on boys in parking lots, in parks, at beaches, in restaurant bathrooms, on the Sunset Strip, at the Christmas Tree Shop, in limos at the drive through, in cemeteries, in the yard of a friend in Los Feliz while he was playing Gardner and the neighbor was outside, and in a mostly discreet place during a wedding.

Clearly I don’t have a cookie cutter type session with this. If you are brave enough to experience this call me up, send me an email, and expect to get drenched. My bladder can hold three and a half cups of piss.

Consolidating Blogs

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A lot of people have been having a hard time finding one of my other blogs. I registered it with a funny spelling and now it has to go. The other blog was designed to give real advice on sex topics. This blog will pick up the slack and function as a place for me to vent, answer questions, and write strange things for your amusement.

Golden Showers Explained

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What is a golden shower and why would I want to have one?

A golden shower (GS) is pervert speak for piss play. When one person urinates on another — Golden Shower! Woo Hoo!

Why – well there are a variety of reasons that people enjoy golden showers. Some people fid them to be degrading, and thus sexually stimulating. Others believe that urines is a valuable fluid to be worshiped and enjoy GS for more spiritual reasons, though just because the act is thought to be deeply spiritual does not exclude it from being erotic.

There are many different ways to give and receive a GS. Many people play with pee in their bath tub because it makes for easy cleanup. More adventurous GS lovers might invest in a toilet seat that hovers above the face of said shower recipient. You could use a tube or a plastic tub, pee in a cup and splash it in someone’s face, make the showered drink the pee or just get them wet. There are many different choices when it comes to GS. It can be very creative play. It might gross you out but urines is sterile and some cultures even believe it to be healing and good for you to drink it.

My personal favorite way to give a golden shower is in public. Public toilets are always so dirty – ick! A boy to pee on amuses me, it is edgy, and strange. The rush of adrenaline is exhilarating. If you choose to attempt a golden shower in public for the sake of Pete don’t get caught. Explaining what on earth you are doing might be more humiliating than the actual public shower.

Your gonna have to pee so go try it with your lover. You might find is to be kind of sexy, god knows I do!

Protest The Lack Of Public Toilets

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I was masturbating thinking about peeing on a boy in one of the most public places possible. The city street. I want to meet a boy on an urban corner and have him lay down on the street. I pull up my skirt and piss all over him. Then I’ll leave him there and go about my day.

Public Protest or Kinky Sex?