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ilover — The Future Of Robotics or Just a Pocket Pussy With Built in Mp3 Player?

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So it’s the middle of the night and I find myself wondering about the future of robotics. As I lay here trying to snuggle up to my lover I find my mind wandering to the idea that the invention of cyberskin could quite possibly could be a very useful covering for humanoid style robots. You know you like your lovers to do it just the way you want, not talk too much, get the laundry done, cuddle, and wake you up with coffee. At least I do. So who is to say that the future of robotics is not headed right towards producing futuristic lovers for all of us? Why would we deny the ilover from our world? It is hard to get along with people (at least for me, I’m a bitch) but to be able to plug your lover in over the weekend while you interact with humans and then let it do your bidding all week. The possibilities are endless.

Usually when we think of personal servant type robots we imagine them to look a bit like c3p0 – shiny, awkward, and somewhat human like. It walks and talks but in a very rudimentary fashion, it could never interact like a human being. Or could it?

For years now we have been feeding out thoughts and behaviors into computers. Why couldn’t we design computers to behave as we do? Compared to computers the way the average human brain works is slow and cumbersome. We use 10 percent at best. Can you honestly ask me to believe that it would be impossible to design a computer that interacted like a jock? Or what about that super nerdy kid from high school? If the robot was acting too smart people would just chalk it up to him being brainier than the rest of us. No suspicion would arise.

So once we come to the conclusion that we could indeed design a computer to behave like a person then we cover it with cyberskin. If you have been into a sex shop in the last decade and you don’t know what cyber skin is, you should be ashamed of yourself. Major companies are using cyberskin to craft some of the most realistic molds of human genitalia we have ever seen. You might know of cyber skin as the medium the pocket pussy has been created out of. It also makes an excellent firm but skin like dong. Covering a robot in the stuff, adding the right amount of padding to simulate fatty deposits, designing a personality, and poof – a realistic human imposter. Would you know if the person you worked with every day was a robot? Somehow I doubt it. We are all so busy going about the things we deem important that we would never give it a thought.

Would you like to have a human style robot to be your bitch? You betcha! If you could design a personality for it, teach it tasks like laundry with a few key strokes, and even program all your music into its massive super computer in the cranial sacral area you can bet your next generation ipod that you would love the robotic human like slave / lover / mp3 player.

ilover! Imagine the possibilities.

Cock In A Box

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Here is a clip from my new show, if Lucy had A Whip: Tales of an American Dominatrix. the show runs about an hour and is available to come to your weird little town. For booking info contact freaksofcomedy@gmail.com